Friday, May 15, 2009

Ready for Gold Prospecting

Camp is set up now for the summer here at Snowy Peaks RV Park, and we are a couple of very 'happy campers'. LOL! The weather is gorgeous, sunny and warm. We bugged out about 8 this morning, stopped into Frenchman's Creek to pick up the tailer, and got ourselves parked before noon. All afternoon we have been getting things situated and cleaned, and making lists of what we need to bring up next week. Wifi connection is great, and the dish is working, so we are all set for prospecting for gold, blogging, and relaxing. Looks like rain tomorrow, but we have plenty to keep us busy if it gets too nasty.

Gold closed the weekend at $930.90 a nice leap from this morning before we left. I found an article this past week on the mint at Carson City I thought you might like. If you ever find any gold coins made by this mint, be sure and keep them. They are usually in high demand and sell for very good prices.

Watch this next week for information on Cache Creek and the changes and new items coming to the area on the website. I have placed some of the information on for members to read. Anyone can join the site and we have lively discussions going on about metal detecting, Cache Creek, and Lost Canyon.

Have to go get ice cream.....I know, but we gotta do what we gotta do. More later this week.

Good Prospecting to You,
P.S. We read this morning that mining companies are suing Ken Salazar, head of the department of the Interior, for canceling some of the scheduled auctions for leases earlier this year.
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