Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visiting Cache Creek

It's HERE! The Porta Potty was put in at Cache Creek this weekend! And they even came in and serviced it while we were there.

Yes, gold prospectors, the porta potty is a reality at Cache Creek. This is a BIG plus for us and credit needs to go to the BLM and GPOC for all their hard work and cooperation to keep this area open for gold prospecting.

The creek is runing with lots of water now, but those who were in the area this past weekend left trash all around, cigarette butts, and even had fires within the area on the ground and not in fire pans. These are things that can not be tolerated. Trash removal and fire pans are state wide regulations that must be abided by. I would like to remind all that keeping this area open has been a long struggle for everyone involved and we certainly do not wish to see this oportunity destroyed because of a few who have decided that they do not have to abide by rules and regulations. Oh, and, PICK UP YOUR BUTTS!

We met some great people while we were there, even one who is a member of the membership site. Another has been hiking in since mid spring after seeing the new sign at the beginning of the power line road. Also took it upon himslef to reattach the papers to the kiosk. Thanks Issac!

As always, we enjoyed ourselves completely and look forward to our next time there. Oh, we didn't find much gold this trip, but we will find an area we can work and find some gold. Did hear another story of big gold coming out of the highbanking area last year late, though.

It started raining here just before dusk, and we may get some more during the night, but the next few days look to be nice with possible showers in the afternoon. Those who follow on Twitter saw my first twitpics posted there today. The white peaks were gorgeous this morning. As Always,

Good Prospecting to You,
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