Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cache Creek Gold Prospecting Responsibilities

Trees should stand tall at Cache Creek, not down in a hole!

Cache Creek is becoming a challenge to keep things from getting out of control. While most miners in the area adhere to the regs, there are those who feel the regs do not apply to them when no one is watching. Several violations will be addressed here, and hopefully get the word out that these types of infractions jeopardize the continuation of keeping the area open to the public.

First is the undermining of trees. NO ONE who has NOT contacted the BLM about tree removal is allowed to remove ANY tree for ANY reason. The tree above was undercut three feet past its' tap root. This tree was also marked in orange and was to be saved. Who in their right mind would undermine a tree to this extent and cause such a hazard to all who are in the area? Camp Hosts called BLM concerning it and obtained permission to take it down, but if this irresponsible conduct continues, BLM will close this area due to the unsafe nature of the area to all who visit.

FIRES MUST BE CONTAINED IN A METAL FIRE CONTAINER, AND MUST BE OUTSIDE THE DAY USE AREA! In case you are not aware, the middle mountains of Colorado are under extreme fire danger regardless of the amount of rain we get. Beetle kill is so wide spread that any fire is potentially the start of a fire here that will be unstoppable due to the number of dead and dying trees. Certainly, no one using Cache Creek would want to be responsible for or prosecuted for starting such a fire. This is NO JOKE! It is VERY serious, and beyond being ticketed for having a fire on the ground and not in an elevated metal fire pan, the Federal Government WILL jail you for starting a forest fire, as they have before for irresponsible behavior.


FILL IN YOUR HOLES! While we are aware that many leave the holes open for themselves or others to use after they have left the area, this poses a danger for anyone walking above them. Camp Hosts are constantly filling in holes and pits that others leave. This is exhausting work, and if you think it takes too much of your time, imagine how much time it takes for those who did not make them in the first place.

The bear is becoming more aggressive. It is appearing earlier in the evening and is getting used to people, their noises and movements. This is creating a situation where the camping signs will need to be moved so that all the camps are not so close together creating a foraging opportunity for the bear. You are in its' habitat, not the other way around, and it would be prudent for campers to spread out a bit so that a confrontation with the bear is less likely to happen. The area being used now may be convenient, but it is creating a problem with congestion, etc.

We are hopeful that all will abide by common sense and the regulations posted on the kiosk, as well as not pushing the envelope when no one is watching. We are not there to babysit all of you, but it seems as if some of you need that. We truly do not want to lose this area to the irresponsible actions of a few. Please do not shoot at the bear. An attack will close the area and the bear will suffer the consequences as well as you will. All of you are responsible for policing yourselves and questioning your neighbors if their actions are not in compliance with regulations. Enforcement is NOT your duty, but you can ask why they are acting the way they are, and report to the camp host any questionable activity as soon as possible so that action by them can be taken.

Good Prospecting to You,
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