Monday, November 09, 2009

New Store at Hooked on Gold

Good Day to everyone. I have had a wonderful start to my day by being able to finish, upload and link the new store. That's right! Hooked on Gold has a new gold prospectors store. After last year's attempt to replace the pages that I had spent weeks constructing and never did work well, I found a program that was easy to use and purchased it. Last year I purchased a program that was so confusing to use I gave up on it after about 8 weeks.

My experience with it was so bad, I was reluctant to try the new one, but I have to say it has delivered everything it said it would so far, and more. While it still took some time and effort to put together, the instructions were easy to understand and implement. CoffeeCup has really good programs on its' website that include my new store.

Now, I didn't spring for the customizable template options since I didn't know if it would even work well, but I did include the familiar goldpanner icon I have on my webpages. The "HOME" button at the top of the menu takes you back to the hookdeongold home page.

You will find only a few of the items listed on the store home page, and more if you click on the categories either in the menu or on the page. I'll add more items and some gold in the next week, so check back to see what else is going on. Christmas is coming!

While going through the links after I had uploaded everything, I found the Cache Creek page is not loading, so I'll have to work on that this afternoon. For now, you can see and use the new store at

Good Prospecting to You,
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