Friday, November 20, 2009

Hooked on Gold Gazette 11/20/09

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1150.90
· Spot price last Gazette : $1096.90

Calendar of Events
· 3rd Election Day
· 11th GPOC Meeting
· 13th-15th Gem Show at Merchandise Mart
· 26th Thanksgiving
· 9th GPOC Christmas Party…Remember your unwrapped toys for children. Our Marine friends will be there to pick them up. You may also make cash donations.
· 24th Christmas Eve
· 25th Christmas Day

As with all good intentions that fail, things this past week have gotten in the way of my getting back to you before now. Our friend Pedro, from Colombia, S.A., had some extra time in Denver this week, so we spent our week with him. We don’t get these chances often, so we take them when we can. We visited the Denver Museum and the Garden of the Gods, and even though we had snow last weekend, the days we were out were very nice, indeed. Beautiful blue skies and warm weather made for a very enjoyable time together.

I’ll be working on internal linking to Gold ‘N’ Store as I am sure the text links go to the wrong page. I thought about that this past weekend and realized that I still have more work to do on the store, too. I’ll be putting up more page links and getting some more gold listed, as well as working on meta tags and descriptions. Check back on Cyber Monday to see what I have that is new.

Cache Creek still had gold prospectors in and out as of a couple of weeks ago, even with 4 inches of snow still on the ground. The Game and Fish Dept. has been watching for hunters in the area, too. As a conservation area, it is closed to hunting, and there have been several hunters in there this season.
Hope you have been watching gold jump up and down this past week. It touched $1170 before falling back again. Still, a nice run up in the metal. Everyone at the Gem Show was talking about the healthcare bill and the state of the economy around the world. All news bodes well for gold, but silver may be the story of note after all is said and done. It closed today at $18.51.
Looking for some extra cash? You might want to ‘get your teeth’ into selling gold. Read about it here: . And, is you are interested in buying or have bought gold ingot bars, you might want to check into this article about how some of them may be filled with tungsten .
There is probably a ton of other news out there that I missed while I was gallivanting around Colorado. With the holidays beginning next week, we are looking forward to a quiet weekend before the Thanksgiving Holiday and the mad rush to Christmas begins. This also means that there will be no Gazette next Friday as we spend time with our extended families. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Holiday Season that is filled with Joy, and remember to visit Gold ‘N’ Store for your prospecting gifts.

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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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