Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy Gold Prospecting New Year!

                                                         Happy New Year to All! 

Blogger has made many changes since I was last here. However, I see the default font is still unacceptable and I can't seem to change it until the post is completed. (sigh) Always something, eh?

You will find updates going on on the site, so please bear with me as I change the menu, etc.  The store is going away...just not enough activity to warrant keeping it going, and the price of gold is getting high enough I cannot keep up with gold nuggets any longer.  Rest assured, however, I plan to keep up with the website.  Hopefully, with less going on, I can blog more this year and worry about selling a whole lot less.  I, also, am still getting form requests I assume for the Bucket Classifier.  That page should have been gone years ago and I cannot find links to it anywhere.  If you find one, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE IT IS!  If you have asked for it and not gotten it, it is because the page should be gone and what you are sending does not tell me what it was for.  I also had forms for panning instructions at one time.

I DO hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.  Mine starts at Thanksgiving and ends with New Years, so the season encompasses many weeks.

December was cold and we had 16 inches of snow in Denver, half our snow for the winter.  We are enjoying very mild temps the first of January, and I hope this doesn't mean February will be -40 degrees!
We are planning on a trip to Arizona for the Tucson show and to spend some time with friends there.  I am looking over last year's calendar and am picking which stories to share with you this winter about our gold prospecting adventures here in Colorado.  Finding gold in Colorado is becoming very challenging, although several areas still are producing enough to keep everyone happy.

Hope the beginning of your year is pleasant, and you find time to get your prospecting equipment in tip top shape for the coming season.  Be vigilant out there and watch what is happening with the laws.  Contact your representatives and make sure your voice is heard. 

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau

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