Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How did it get to be Tuesday!?!?  Yes, I know I'm behind in getting information to you, so here it is.  Gold is sitting at $1726.10 right now, in case anyone cares.

Mile High Gold Summit Part 3

Jefferson County Open Space was and remains very opened minded concerning prospecting for gold in Clear Creek Canyons Park Open Space.  The area runs from 58th to the junction of Highway 119, except for about a mile above tunnel 3 where a grandfathered in claim is.  As those of you who are from this area know, the canyon has been heavily used by the public for a very long time, and the Open Space committee has their hands full with balancing all the users in the canyon.  They will, also, be constructing a bicycle/walking trail through it beginning now, and have three years to complete the project with grant money to do so.

Their representative, that day, was Colleen Gad who has been working with prospectors for many years.  In general, they are pleased with most prospectors.  However, this past year they have had increasing problems with people digging way into the banks.  Here, I MUST remind all of you…this is OPEN SPACE.  Their rules DO NOT include removal of ANYTHING.  Jefferson County Open Space is the ONLY open space group I know of that even CONSIDERS allowing prospecting of any kind on their managed land, much less MOTORIZED use.  

Here, again, HIGH WATER MARK MEANS AS FAR ALONG THE STREAMBED AS THE WATER WILL GO TO THE BANK, AND NOT UP THE BANK.  So, what does this mean?  NO DIGGING IN THE BANKS!!!!  It DOES mean you can dig up the streambed anywhere high water would cover it.  AND it means you can use a highbanker to do that in an area that allows MOTORIZED equipment to dig up the STREAMBED where the high water would cover it, in the Clear Creek Canyons Park Open Space.  Off course, that does NOT  mean you can do it on private property or someone’s claim that is not included in this park. (DEEP BREATH!)  It is YOUR responsibility to know where you are, AND watch the parking situation.  They WILL ticket you for parking violations.  Any questions on this you can email me.

FILL IN YOUR HOLES!!!!!  I am sick of repeating this, you lazy b*********s! You know who I’m talking to.  I am more than sick of doing your work for you.  YES! I fill in your holes with a pick and a #2 shovel, and I’m an OLD WOMAN.

Bucketing of material off the high benches is NOT ALLOWED.  You, also, cannot fill buckets with material, put them in the truck, and take them home or anywhere else with you.  This is Open Space!  You cannot take anything out with you but the cons.  ALL material must be worked where you are.  If you see anyone violating the rules and regs, get a picture of the vehicle, person and license plate and turn it in to police.  Ms. Gad gave us a hand out on the rules for this area.  Rather than put them all in this blog post, I will post them on the website in the next few weeks.

A question was asked about the rock piles along Clear Creek in the Open Space Park, and whether you can work them or not  The answer was NO as the Prebble Mouse was found living in the piles. 

We also had a discussion about the use of the Arapahoe City area, just east of the Coors Brewery property.  Right now, prospectors are being allowed to work here, but it is under the City of Wheatridge’s management, even though it is Jefferson County property.  It is a confusing situation, and Wheatridge is working with gold prospectors right now, however some issues are cropping up that may shut this area down.

First and foremost is the issue of working into the banks.  AGAIN, work in the streambed as far as the water will cover it when there is high water, not the banks.  Recently, there was a hole opened up in the bank that cut straight through it.  This will erode the bank at run off.  Volunteers are being asked to help with closing this hole.  If this sort of thing continues, it is most certain Wheatridge will take action to prevent it.  REMEMBER to work AWAY from the bike path.  Undercut that, and no one will be allowed to work in this area.

That’s all I have right now on Clear Creek.  I will be updating the website with this information in the next month or so.  Sometime between unpacking and Christmas.  LOL!  I do hope your gold prospecting season was a good one.  We had a lot of fun for the short time we had in the mountains this year.  Not sure who I will be reporting on next, but I have all day to decide.  As Always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau,
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