Friday, November 09, 2012

Mile High Gold Prospecting Summit Part 2

TGIF! That means more work for us, but it is work we choose to do.  Gold closed this after noon at $1730.80. Stock market stopped its sharp decline, too.  

Today, I am posting information about Clear Creek where it flows through Golden.  There has been some controversy over what the regulations mean here, although most of them should not be questioned like mining around the kayak runs and the new fishing improvements.  However, we got some very good explanations that clarify what exactly is meant by 'high water mark'. 

Mile High Gold Prospecting Summit Part 2

Now, let’s see…..I left you hanging wondering how I would go about organizing the information.  I think I will begin with the two speakers who were there about Clear Creek running through Golden, and Clear Creek Canyon. 

Clear Creek presents some unusual circumstances that you do not normally see. We have several counties that it runs through, as well as cities, and also includes a stretch of open space.  Our speakers addressed the part that runs through Jefferson County, and they were very informative about what is expected through this stretch. 

Ann Beierle, with the city of Golden, addressed the general regulations on Clear Creek through Golden.  She has worked in the past with several of the bigger mines in Colorado, and so is very versed in mining and knows the mining community well. 

Prospecting for gold in Golden means no mechanized equipment of any kind, including battery powered equipment. 

Stick to the stream bed and don’t dig deep holes.  It is a safety issue for everyone who uses Clear Creek in the summer for recreation.  No one wants a 5 year old accidentally stumbling into a 5 foot hole in the creek bed. 

NO DIGGING in the banks.  HIGH WATER mark means the high water covering the STREAMBED, not how high it goes up the bank.  Digging in the banks erodes the banks on a huge scale and undermines trails, roadways and deteriorates the integrity of the creek.

FILL IN ALL HOLES, even if you will be returning the next day.  Clear Creek is overused by everyone in the summer and it is a safety issue.  Just because most people are gone at sun down, doesn’t mean no one uses the creek in the evening or at night.  You must consider other users in this creek.

You may NOT prospect in the Kayak runs or where the new fishing habitat has been provided upstream from the Kayak runs to the 6th Ave. Bridge.  Millions of dollars have been spent to make these areas user specific.  If you want to use certain areas specific to prospecting, get your groups together and spend the money to do so.  (That isn’t the cities comment, boys.  It’s MINE!  Put your money where your mouths are like all other special interest groups do.)

Avoid, do not interfere with others on the creek. It is a privilege to use the creek in Golden for prospecting, not a right and you can lose it if you abuse it.  Be respectful of the work done on the Golden Mile Stream Restoration and Fishing areas.  Follow established rules and do not damage stream improvements.  You have no right to dig around the structures built to keep the Kayak runs in place, nor to move the boulders that keep the creek in place through Golden. 

Improved area runs from approximately 4th to the 6th Ave Bridge. 

WOW! I thought I could get through both of these speakers today, but this is long enough now.  See you again soon.

As Always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau
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