Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Miss Me? Lots of Information Coming Your Way

Gold is closing today at around $1716.  Up a bit from the summer, but still not close to the highs that were predicted for it.  However, the election results later today, and the end of the year could prove interesting.  

So, what have I been up to since August?  Buying another home, finding out that we no longer qualify for a conventional 30 year loan, moving, and now trying to sell the other house.  

How did we make the purchase? A 5 year adjustable.  It was the only loan we got offered that didn't make us put all our savings into a money market and withdraw it on a monthly basis until it was all gone. Anyone with an IRA knows you keep it invested so you can make money from it to make it last longer.  

On top of this, they would not even consider the part time job as income.  A REAL eye opener.  So, we are looking at an exit strategy in 4 years.  Yup, we will probably be selling this one and moving in 4 years.

Why bother?  My Mother could no longer navigate the stairs at the old home.  AND a good time to buy a house before they go back up.  Hopefully, we can exit before the whole money mess blows up.  Did I say that?  Oopps.  Sorry, I mean before our ARM gets adjusted.  LOL!

My real purpose here today is to tell you that I have a series of posts to bring to you about a gold summit that was held in South Denver to get some information out to folks about the Denver and Golden areas that I want to pass on to you.  The posts are already written, so I will blog every couple of days as I have time.  (Yes, I am still unpacking boxes.)  I wrote them while I was waiting for carpet to be put down at the Townhouse, btw.  Took me 3 hours! 

I will also be putting some of the information on the website so you can find it again.  Check back this week to read about the summit and the group that put it on.  As Always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau

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