Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gold,Cache Creek, and SNOW

Cache Creek last fall Just one of the pictures featured in the new 2008 calendar you can find at the hookedongold cafe press store A Fabulous Gift for that Prospector you know

Waiting for the feds to decide our interest rate fate. In the mean time, gold is back at $810 this morning, after a short rally yesterday before falling back near $800. SNOW and cold is wrapping the mile high city in a black and grey scene after a weekend of freezing temps. We are looking forward to some sunnier skies tomorrow and the rest of the week, even if it is more than chilly outside. The mountains are blanketed in up to 8 feet of new snow with more on the way. I guess our November snow decided to fall in December.

And what of GOLD? Well, even though it is winter here in Colorado, plans for next year's prospecting season do go on. The BLM is beginning their plans for Cache Creek in 08, with road improvements a possibility. Those who are hoping for a facility of some type instead of the woods for relief, will find that they should probably plan on bringing their own facilities, as it will be required of all campers, as well as metal fire boxes for your campfire. New restrictions on the number of days you will be allowed to prospect the area with a high banker will be imposed as well, and even though you may balk at the idea, according to the outlines of the agreements on using the funds that were used to purchase this tract of land, the alternative is to close the area to prospecting altogether. MINING the area cannot be allowed. Those who stayed this past summer and mined the area for weeks and more than a month at a time will not be allowed to do so next year. AND the BLM is planning on frequent visits to insure compliance. Please remember that a few years ago this area was not accessible to you at all, and we believe the restrictions are reasonable considering the alternatives. I should add here that the recreational prospecting limitations will pertain to high banking and not hand tool or metal detecting usage at this time. Camping restrictions will apply to all. Camping is not going to be allowed in the parking lot, but there is AMPLE room to do that close to the parking lot. This restriction will free up the parking lot to day use, which it will be restricted to and is its' intent. We would welcome comments on these issues, as the BLM would like additional input. We are in contact with the BLM on Arkansas River prospecting on a regular basis, and can answer some of your questions as well as inform BLM of your concerns.
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