Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NEW! Gifts with Gold Prospecting Themes

One of the prospecting pictures in the new 12 month calendar. Real prospectors doing what they do, as well as pictures of real mines. Check this and other items out at my new store

Well, the Gazette is back to the blog as there are technical problems with the delivery....AGAIN! Boy, anyone who tells you running a website is easy is crazy. There seems to be more things crop up every day that should not be a problem than you have time to find solutions for. AND all the holiday rushing around to do as well. Not to worry, we work with what we have and find answers to our problems as we find the time. In the mean time, you will get some fresh content every few days when we are not plagued with more problems than we have solutions for. New pages are planned for this winter, as well as updating old pages, and we continue to find a way to put the store back together that doesn't include a technical genius. All we need is some simple code and a few pictures. How hard can that be? Don't know, but it is apparently more than we can handle right now.

Gold looks to be rebounding this morning and is at over $803 as I write. The wind is blowing hard again today which is warming temps into the mid 60's in the city and bringing some more much needed snow to the high country. I have some intersting news for the Gazette this Friday, so watch for that at the end of the week. Visit my new store at Cafe Press for some gift ideas for that prospector you can't find anything to get for Christmas. I have four items up now, and if the response is good, I'll put up variations of what I have. Have a custom job you want done? Cafe Press makes it easy.

Good Prospecting to You,
Prospecting Gifts
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