Friday, December 14, 2007

Hooked on Gold Gazette Dec. 14, 2007.



Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday Dec. 14, 2007: $793.10

Spot price Dec. 7: $794.40


Calendar of Events


12th GPOC Christmas Party 7:00 p.m. Bring unwrapped gifts for children for the Marines toy drive
19th GPR Members Christmas Party
31st New Year's Eve


What a golden time of year! Do you have that smell of new fallen snow at your house? Some of us have had too much of it, and some nothing but ice storms. Hopefully everyone has their electricity back on. The Holiday is just around the corner, so I hope you have most of your Christmas shopping finished and the cards in the mail. They say the biggest mailing day will be this Monday, so get it off before then. You may be lucky enough to have post offices in your area that are staying open longer tomorrow.

If you have been watching the price of gold this past week, you have seen it go from a high of around $815 back to just below what it was last Friday. I am reading more and more material and financial papers that are agreeing that gold has and will continue to follow the stock market in it's ups and downs. If you look at both charts for that past 5 years, they are pretty much mirror images. What does that mean for gold next year? It can go either way. If the markets are up Gold will probably follow, and if it is down, ditto. Yeah, cop out, you say. But, this is a new trend in gold that the world has not seen before, and all are still waiting to see how it plays out. If gold is no longer the inflation hedge that everyone has always turned to, what will be?

China and India will continue to demand more of the world's gold every year, so the price must reflect that pressure. Who knows how much old gold is still in the vaults of the world's banks, and they trade it all the time as a commodity, often manipulating the price as they did much of '07. I find the ups and downs of the gold price in recent years to be nearly unpredictable, as there are so many variables that can and do effect the price. One thing remains sure. People will ALWAYS collect and horde gold. They love the yellow color, it's special properties, how it looks against the skin, and how heavy it feels.

New regulations are coming out this next year for Cache Creek usage. I went into some detail about it in the last blog, so if you haven't read it, you might want to do so.

GPOC members and anyone wanting to join the group needs a "heads up" as to the membership dues change in '08. Singles will be $25.00 and families $30.00 a year, the first price raise in 15 years. The cost of maintaining the claims goes up each year, as well as things like postage and paper. The new GPOC website is coming along nicely, although it isn't published as of yet. When that happens, I'll blog it here, so watch for it. They are ready to add their old store back in, as well, so you will have another source for your "stuff." I am hiring an expert early next year to help me with the problems I ca not seem to figure out on my own, and have purchased a new template for the website. A new look and feel will go along with it, and, with luck, I can put up a page for all to look at before the whole thing goes live and you are in shock and not sure where you are. Colors look like they will be in the brown, golden yellow, and burnt orange ranges, and it will have a more denim/western feel. Right now you can find the Christmas giffs that are sprinkled around the site for your enjoyment, and after the holidays I should be able to get some new video clips working in the pages as well. Have a fantastic week, and I will report to you on Friday with another chapter in gold. (HINT: The new ICMJ is out and I haven't read it yet. Larry always gets to it first and he isn't finished yet.)



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