Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Local Resources for Finding Gold


Did I say I would have this posted this weekend? I think I must be on some other planet not to remeber that I was slated to be away from home for Easter. DUH! Blonde, ya know. By choice, watch out! LOL! Well, with the grandkids playing Wii for a little while, I'll get back on track and get the next session of researching your place to play in the dirt and water. Let's see, I think I was supposed to tell you about some of your local resources for researching places to find gold.

As we have stated before, go first where gold has been found before. The more recent the information, the more current they will be on any areas that have lost mineral entry or been placed into protected status. We have gone looking for treasure and gold only to find out that the area was included in some study or had protected status and was only reached by hiking in 2 or 3 miles and back.

The local library of your area may have some old information, as well as the local Chamber of Commerce. Any rock of prospecting shops in the area will have books and people around who would also have information about open areas. You can also look online to see if there is information out there from local clubs, or rock hounding and gem hunters.

The best local sources are local prospecting clubs. If you are going to prospect an area regularly, a membership in these can be its weight in golden information. We get our best information from people in clubs and books on local areas, although the books may not be up to date enough. Many times we must find gold by the old hit and miss methods. Sometimes we hit, but mostly we miss in new areas. To truly find gold in a new area you have to spend some considerable time getting to know the area and people there. You CAN get lucky, but most lucky people have a partner with them that knows the area.

April 1st is just around the corner and the Arkansas River will be open again to motorized equipment. The last we heard they still had snow on the ground in B.V., and we will get to see how much is still there Friday evening. There will be short newsletter on Friday. Gold is up a bit from it's low around $912. How the mighty fell on Monday!

Good Prospecting to You

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