Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Golden Snow

Golden snow is falling in the city and mountains again today. Lots of snow means gold will get moved around this spring in the rivers and streams and more float gold will find its' way into tributaries for us to find.

Since finding gold is what we are about, I can't be too much against falling snow. It does make my job easier by helping to concentrate more gold in the public placer areas where I want to look for it this summer. Spot gold took a roller coaster ride yesterday down to $958.50, but is up again this morning to around $987 again.

Are you spending your time repairing equipment? Prospecting season will be here soon, and the snow will be melted so you can find gold. Larry has his plans for constucting a highbanker/dredge combo just about finished, and they will be for sale on site early in the spring. The corrugated mini sluice will be back up as well, and I have an excellent source for nugget jewelry in 14 K gold or sterling silver lined up, with MQS Magic Panning Sand reappearing, too.

The gem show this past weekend was slow, with people holding on to their money. A lot of work with few results. Still, it is fun to work with the public and talk about gold and gemstones.
Our youngest grandson will be one year old this next week. That whole year has gone by so fast, and what a golden year it was. Thank you to all of you who made it so for us! We met so many wonderful people this last year, and had so much fun with all of you. Hopefully we will see you all again this year and make more new friends of those who we will meet this year. Good Prospecting to You!
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