Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding Gold near Rich Hill

Rich Hill, Arizona Area

Oh my! What a difference warmer weather and digging in the dirt makes! We had the good fortune to get permission to prospect on private property in the Rich Hill area. The desert is awake and blooming. Air is warm but not stiflingly hot….yet. Snakes are out, but we did not see any. We did find gold, but not a 2 pounder. We were really there to help the owner read his wash and give him some ideas of how to go about working some of the surface until he can afford to bring in bigger equipment and excavate. He told some amazing stories of others in the area who have found hundreds of pounds of gold nuggets, but they sit on bedrock and you have to use front end loaders and elevators to get to it.

Because we helped him the first time we were there, weren’t there to just “take his gold”, and were happy just to have the day out and the opportunity, we were invited back. Believe it or not, manners and politeness matter even in the back country.

We had been talking about researching your area the past couple of weeks, and this is a good example of how to get really good information……know someone, or know someone who knows someone. Locals have the best information about their areas. Yes, it takes time to make those connections, and sometimes you get lucky meeting someone. The only way to make those connections, though, is to be out there finding gold. Enjoy!

Good Prospecting to You,
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