Friday, March 21, 2008

Hooked on Gold Gazette 3/21

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $919.20
· Spot price last week: $1002.50
After topping out at $1034 Monday, the low was $903.60


Calendar of Events


9th Daylight Savings Time Begins in Colorado, Spring forward!
12th GPOC General Meeting 7:00 p.m.
17th St. Patrick’s Day
20th First Day of Spring
21st Good Friday
23rd Easter

1st APRIL FOOLS DAY – Arkansas River is open for Motorized Equipment
9th GPOC General Meeting
25th – 27th SPRING Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show – Denver, Co.

WOW! Gold sure has been in the news this week. Hope you did not buy yours on Monday. LOL! The price got too high for the Swiss to ignore, along with a lot of other folks, and so a lot of profit taking has been bringing the yellow metal’s price down. This next week should be interesting.

March is sliding by and the open date for the Arkansas River to motorized equipment is sneaking up on us. April 1st is more than just April Fool’s day around here. Do you have your equipment repaired and ready for it? Remember to have your bonds up to date before you go out, and that Cache Creek does not open until the end of May. If you are wondering what is going on with that, we have some new information posted for you at . Scroll down to the NEW for ’08 under the Cache Creek dialogue.

Now, this doesn’t have anything to do with gold, but our oldest son has started a business that places RFID boluses into dairy cows to track their temperatures, as well as a lot of other helpful information, so if you are a dairyman you want to check out this link. If not, please indulge me here and know that the purpose of this sentence is to provide a backlink to their site. Gonna be hugely golden!

We get to go and find our first gold in a couple of weeks in Arizona. I wish I could say we were finding gold in Colorado, but Aspen reported 450 inches of snow fall so far this year. Now, that isn’t Buena Vista, but they also have had their fair share and the April open on the Arkansas River could be slippery and a bit chilly. Last week they still had 3 feet on the ground. It is warming up, but it will take a little while to melt it even if they don’t get any more. If the precip changes to rain, then the snow will melt super fast. Hopefully that won’t happen at high elevations, or we could be in for a very wet spring with the snow melting faster than rivers can handle it. Of course, that DOES move gold around and into the rivers to get classified for us.

Oh, and while we are gone to Arizona, e-mail will be slow as my brother lives way out in the boonies and has dial up, so we have to go into town to try and find a connection. We will do that every so often, but our main goal is to find gold, so please be patient while we are out having fun! I know. You’re jealous, but SOMEONE has to do it while you are working.

Tomorrow I will be posting my next blog in the series on gold prospecting resources. I have been busy trying to put the first store page together. No idea when that will be finished. It could be in the next few days, or it could be never…..or at least SEEM that way. New things are going up on most pages, though, and some of the copy has been revamped, so watch for updates and maybe a new page or two on new subjects. I think I will be putting up some of my past articles on the articles page, too.

World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

Until next week……
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