Friday, April 18, 2008

Hooked on Gold Gazette 4/18/08

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $916.20
· Spot price last week: $913.90


Calendar of Events

1st APRIL FOOLS DAY – Arkansas River is open for Motorized Equipment
9th GPOC General Meeting
12th GPOC Panning Demo at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science 10:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
25th – 27th SPRING Gem, Fossil and Mineral Show – Denver, Co.

9-11th Let’s Go Gold Panning Days – Point Bar, Colorado
11th Mother’s Day
14th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
17th Prospecting Introduction and New GPOC Member orientation Class – Reservation required at the Mining Museum in Colorado Springs
24-26th Memorial Day Weekend
30th Memorial Day

As announced yesterday, there are site changes. I will be putting up 1 to 4 pages each week on the catalog pages, depending on how many links on each page will be required. I want to repeat that if there is any problem with the paypal buttons, please contact me so I can send an invoice to you with the specific items you want to purchase. I can sometimes adjust the shipping for your particular order, too. These invoices are similar to what you use with eBay, and are very user friendly. I know my last store was not as user friendly as I would have liked it to be, and so that, along with other problems, sent me in search of better solutions for you. I think the new site is working better and has several features I could not get anywhere else. I hope you think so, too. I will be making a push to get pages changed before the end of May, as the season heats up and we get extremely busy with other things. Not to worry, though. Orders were always, and will always be processed in a timely manner. Our first priority is you. If you have any suggestions, or have problems with anything, please let us know at . In the mean time check out Gold ‘N’ Store and the sub pages under it, and come back each week to see what else is up. I have jewelry that is in stock, prospector’s gift ideas, highbanker DIY plans in pdf e-book form, a highbanker/dredge combo unit coming, and an addition to your 4 foot sluice box that we are developing and testing in May. On to news.

I haven’t gotten back to the conference in Dubai yet this week, so here you go. In case you don’t know about the Dubai, “City of Gold”, gold market, it is the largest in the world. The report this year was that they imported 559 tonnes in ’07 up from the 489 tonnes in ’06. Of that, they exported 274 tonnes out of the gold market in jewelry. It wasn’t stated where the rest went, but I would assume it was sold for coinage to minters and as bars to governments and banks who deal in the metal as a commodity. Their goal for this year is to position the city as the “Jewelry Destination of the World”. In conjunction with this lofty goal, they wish to develop a skilled and employable workforce, as well as encouraging entrepreneurialism.

On the home front, how does it happen that you get a 200+ point rise in the stock market on news that Citigroup only lost 5.1 BILLION dollars in the first quarter of the year?!!!!! This sent the dollar higher and gold lower, but how can this continue? It makes no sense, but really looks like desperation. Buy gold.

“Okay, okay, check it out”, as Randy Jackson from American Idol would say, I found this hilarious take on gold, the stock market, and the dollar on Kitco this morning, and I just had to share it with you. Sadly, this could very well be more reality than comedy, so follow the link for some levity on gold and the markets after you finish reading the Gazette.

Anyone who is getting ready for Let’s Go Goldpanning Days in May needs to make sure they register for their bond with the BLM. The new forms can be found at That’s Woody with the gold pan. Check around the pages to see which bonds you will need for whatever work you are planning to do on the Arkansas.

World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

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