Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Gold 'N' Store Is Up and Running

ANNOUNCEMENT! Check out the new Gold 'N' Store page at
I know, I know. Long time readers thought this would never happen, and, quite frankly, I was beginning to wonder myself! My tech got the last bits finished late last week, and I got on a roll this week, and have published several pages, including some of the Orocal pdf pages so you can see a small amount what they have available. You can find them under the Gold 'N' Store pages as sub pages.

Who is Orocal? Well, they are a family owned and operated company that has been designing and making 14K gold and Sterling Silver nugget, gold in white quartz, and gold in black quartz jewelry for more than 40 years. Their catalog of gold jewelry is some 40 pages long, front and back. I have put up a few of the pages for you to view, with more to come, and will rotate them every month or so. If you would like to see a selection of the pages, like all the earring pages in gold in white quartz, I can send them to you in pdf files. The prices on any of the pages may or may not e current, due to the ups and downs of the gold market, and their sources.

On the front page of the Gold 'N' Store page you will find our corrugated mini sluice and kit, Madam Queen Shirley's Magic Panning Sand, and our geode pendants with gold or silver plating on the rims, with links to more information on each item. More will be added as time permits. I have a selection of gifts with prospecting themes, as well as close out items I have picked up with Orocal when they are in Denver.....some real deals, there.

I have decided to use PayPal buttons for payment, and you can either use PayPal or a credit or bank card of your choice to pay with. You will see the option to use a credit card on the log-in page, on the left toward the bottom of the page. You will click a link that will take you to a page to fill out with your credit card information. I'm not sure if this will handle multiple items, but we will go with this for now. We never did get very many requests for multiple items, anyway.

Also, if you have an item that you would like to order from the Orocal catalog, you can e-mail us about it and we can invoice you with a Pay Pal invoice, much like you get from eBay. You can do this also with anything in the catalog by e-mailing us and requesting that we invoice you. We have done this with many other customers and it works really well, and is easy for us and the customer. Other customers who have used this method have really liked it, and said it was very easy and user friendly, so don't hesitate to ask for an invoice for anything you would like to order.

Another note about Orocal. With items ordered from them, you get a 30 money back guarantee so that the item can be returned if you are not satisfied with it. Also, shipping will be made directly to you, so there is no double shipping charges. I can also offer very good prices as I do not have a storefront, and can offer items at a discount, so the prices you see on the pages are probably going to be higher than the price I will charge.

Take a look around at the new Gold 'N' Store. We are offering FREE shipping on most of the items on the front page.

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