Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Sunday afternoon, and where is my Gold Pan?

Are you getting the "itch" to go play in the water with your gold pan? It is in the mid 60's today, and we have to be in HOA meetings today! Bummer. Our gold pans are in the truck waiting to find some more pay dirt like we did in Arizona. We did get to go and play in the water INSIDE yesterday with GPOC and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, teaching gold panning to the people coming in and out of there. It was way too cold to be outside in the morning, so they put us indoors. Anybody who came to see us and expected us to be outside was probably disappointed. We didn't know we would be inside until about an hour before we were to set up. We still had a large crowd and had a hard time breaking the troughs down, as usual, and everyone seemed to have a great time. The GOLD MIMES stuck around while we were there and played with the crowd. They are a great couple of guys who do their jobs very well. If you haven't been out there to see the gold show, do go. You won't regret it.

A lot is happening in gold. It has started back down this afternoon. The big gold conference is going on in Dubai this weekend, and I will have few insights on that later this week.

Let's Go Gold Panning Days is coming up faster than I expected! It will be May 9th - 11th at Point Bar Recreational area. You can check the GPOC Temporary Pages for more information now and as we get closer to the event. It is and always has been open to the public. Come and have some fun! Hooked on Gold won't be able to be there this year as we have a wedding going on the same weekend and will be hosting relatives for a few days. Don't think we are going to get out of it, either. Are you new to prospecting? Well, you have found a place to get some good, basic prospecting information at Hooked on Gold. Check it out! metal detectors at auction

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