Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back from Arizona Gold Country

Gold closed Friday at $913.70

Back from Arizona with a little gold and a lot of fresh air. It really is good to get out and clear the cobwebs early in the Spring. We had good weather going and coming back, and stopped off at the Rock Doc in Nathrop to chat with Cindy for a few hours. She usually isn't too busy this time of year like she is later on. She says she will be having a hard time getting equipment in this year as most everything is already back ordered. Something to do with the price of gold being up and everyone wanting to get in on the action. More pictures will get posted this week along with some commentary on where we went and what we saw. Thanks to everyone who asked for information or asked questions during the week for being patient while our internet connection was so spotty. I have better access in B.V. than in Humbolt, Az. LOL!
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