Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golden Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah, there's still this much snow in the high country!

How was your weekend? We had fun Bar-B-Queing with friends on Sunday and then took a trip to the mountains for a day of metal detecting on Monday. While we were after gold, we only found bullets, wire, slag, and those cinder things that say they are gold but aren't.

And snow! Wow, is there still a lot of it around! Roads that should be open by now are still snowed closed, and the wind was a bit more than CRISP! The sky threw snow pellets at us off and on all day, too. However, it was WONDERFUL to get out, look for gold, and walk the mountains for the first time this year. Water levels in the rivers are already high and climbing, so be careful if you are out placer mining. It reminded me that I had fogotten to put up the stream levels this last Friday for you. We are still waiting for that spring thaw to come and melt enough snow that we can go and really find some gold.

Website announcements: Apparently the forms page is not working, so until I can get it fixed, you can email me at info@hookedongold.com with your requests. You can put your request or "panning tips" in the subject line and I'll get those out to you ASAP. The web gremlins are out in force as I have had several problems with scripts this past week. Thanks to all of you who have been so patient with me. I sure helps when you are so kind and when you let me know when something isn't working right. Sometimes it is the only way I find out something needs fixing.

Gold had made a nice rally on Monday but is back down this morning. It sits at $905.70 as I write and still above $900, though, so that isn't bad for a start.

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