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HookedonGold Gazette 5/2/08

Gold Nugget Bear Pendant
Gold in Black Quartz Bear Pendant

14K gold and Gold in Wht Quartz ladies ring

Gold in White Quartz Heart Pendant with Diamond

Carved Jadeite
· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $855.60 Low this week was around $845
· Spot price last week: $886.00


Calendar of Events

9-11th Let’s Go Gold Panning Days – Point Bar, Colorado
11th Mother’s Day
14th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
17th Prospecting Introduction and New GPOC Member orientation Class – Reservation required at the Mining Museum in Colorado Springs
24-26th Memorial Day Weekend
30th Memorial Day
11th GPOC regular meeting
14th Flag day
14th-15th Breckenridge Kingdom Days
20th Summer Solstice (YAAH)
21st-22nd Gem Show-Colorado Springs Phil Long Ford Expo

Is it MAY already? There have been many days this past winter and spring when I thought it would NEVER get here, and here it is. Let’s Go Gold Panning Days is NEXT WEEKEND! GPOC and Woody Regal team up to put this event on each year, usually the first weekend in May before they start sending lots of water down the Arkansas River to the Pueblo Reservoir for the summer run off. Bonding permits are needed to run motorized equipment on the Arkansas, so make sure you have your 2 year bond in place for the season. There are several extra requirements for certain areas this year, so heads up. Highbanking requires a special bond FOR EACH SITE you are highbanking on, and the Cache Creek area is also an extra LIMITED bond of 10 days. You can apply for an extension of another 10 days at the Salida office for an additional fee.

It is reported that the Arkansas is already above normal flow and you can begin to watch the stream flows that I will post each week until run off is over. Those can be found on the charts and regulations page. I will announce it here when that will begin. Also, we have heard from the BLM that the Arkansas River Headwaters Group has been saying in their meeting that prospecting is ruining the river. A reporter for the Mountain Mail contacted the BLM for comment and Dan Grenard said some nice things about us and is sending him to the Let’s Go Gold Panning Days weekend for some hands on experience with prospectors. Along with all the regulations you need to comply with for your prospecting, be aware that the State of Colorado is enforcing a no campfires outside a metal container rule. This means that you are not allowed a campfire unless it is contained within a metal container of some type. It cannot be in direct contact with the ground, and you must drown the fire COMPLETLEY in the metal container before you empty it. This is a compromise with campers who want their campfire and the State of Colorado who wants to keep forest fires to a minimum. Campfires and cigarettes are two main causes of forest fires, so please comply with this rule so that we can preserve what forest is left. There is so much beetle kill here that the entire state is in jeopardy of burning. And, no, pine trees should not be copper colored.

We have been super busy lately, but not so much with finding gold. (bummer!) We have a nephew getting married next week and have had a few things to do for that, as well as preparing for guests who will stay with us for few days for the wedding festivities. Along with that, work seems to be insisting we stay home on the weekends, or at least pretty close to home. Of course, getting a few inches to a few feet of snow around here and just to the west hasn’t exactly meant that we could do much anyway. The Fossil and Gem show last weekend was great! I picked up a beautiful piece of carved jadeite for a VERY reasonable price. As you can see above, it is a large piece, but not as large as some of the pieces were, just the best carved.

Also pictured above are some of the new gold nugget jewelry items I have posted on a slide show with information below the slideshow about ordering. These instructions are not as complete as I would like, so I will be working on them this next week. These are items I have in stock and there are about 50 of them. I posted these few to test this way of showing the items instead of each one individually. I’m not sure I will keep this format, but it looked like a possible way to post everything without taking up so much page space that the page was way too long to deal with. If you have comments on this idea contact me at , I would love to hear your reactions as I am always striving to make everything easier for you to use. Oh, I will be using PayPal invoicing for these items as I feel a little more contact with the customer is in order for them so that you can request more pictures or ask questions before deciding whether or not you are interested. I do not want you to be unhappy when you get them and want to be able to answer ALL your concerns before you order. Also, if you have seen the pieces somewhere else, you can look at the again.

How about that gold price this week, eh? Talk about a tumble, but it was not unexpected. Most analysts I have read in the last 3 months were expecting it to fall to around $850 and it fell to $846.20 at its low. Not to worry, though. It will make it back and more in time for Christmas. Oh, if you are thinking of purchasing gold, do it now. You probably will not see these prices again for quite some time. Today’s reports blamed the lower price to selling off in several funds that have been long in the metal. Support price remains at about $850.

I noticed this week that my audio ads are finally active. Did you hear one? I was surprised when I heard one when I had to check a webpage to see if it was working correctly. Since it is now working I will put the code of a couple more pages. NOT WORRY! I will not have it on every page, just a select few.

World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

Until next week……
If you find a broken link, please let us know
THE ARKANSAS RIVER is now opened TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT until October 1st. (Sorry, I thought I had changed this a few weeks ago)
Good Prospecting to You,
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