Friday, May 16, 2008

Hooked on Gold Gazette 5/16/08

New Silver ore jewelry, rings and pendants in Sterling Silver available along with a Gold Nugget men's ring in Sterling Silver. Ladies ring is size 7, men's ring is size 9. for more information.
· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $901.60
· Spot price last week: $886.00

Calendar of Events

9-11th Let’s Go Gold Panning Days – Point Bar, Colorado
11th Mother’s Day
14th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
17th Prospecting Introduction and New GPOC Member orientation Class – Reservation required at the Mining Museum in Colorado Springs
24-26th Memorial Day Weekend
30th Memorial Day
11th GPOC regular meeting
14th Flag day
14th-15th Breckenridge Kingdom Days GPOC Panning Demo
20th Summer Solstice (YAAH)
21st-22nd Gem Show-Colorado Springs Phil Long Ford Expo

WOW! Is it Friday again already! For anyone (and, yes, this means YOU) that is interested in the changes in the mining laws going on right now, information is leaking out about those changes and the impact on you. They are substantial and will go a very long way to keep you out of the forests. More on these changes as the information becomes available and is confirmable. Be aware that there will be a lot of rumors flying around and sent to you that may or may not be true. Do your due diligence and check them all out.

Gold is coming back up with the rise in oil and the easing of profit taking in the gold ETF’s. I found an interesting story on gold and the use of corn for ethanol you might like to read at . An interesting point of view, well presented and one I share. How about using waste products? Colorado has thousand of acres of dead trees that will be totally wasted unless we have a plan in place to use them. The beetle kill cannot be stopped only minimized as much as possible. AND while you are here in my State, PLEASE be careful about fires. Our forests are ripe for fire.

Did you know it snowed here in the city last Monday night? Well, it did and the mountains have gotten upwards of 2 FEET of the white stuff THIS WEEK!!!!! To boot, the owner of the place we have our camp called to say they still have 8 inches on the ground (before the last two storms), and they will not be opening at the usual time, but a week later. That means we have to find something else to do Memorial Day weekend. Choices, choices.

New additions to the site this week include a couple of mining scenes at Gold ‘N’ Store and two new articles under the Articles of Interest called “Black Sand, What Is It?” and “Selling Your Gold”. Hope you enjoy them.

Hope you got yourself signed up at the Western Mining Museum in Colorado Springs for their Spring classes. They have lots of speakers lined up as well as demonstrations of both large and small equipment used in mining in the past as well as modern small mining methods. GPOC will have several people there with equipment for “show and tell”. HookedonGold has to work this weekend keeping your lights on. Soon the “job” won’t interfere with our activities in mining. Until then we are at the mercy of the company.

World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

Until next week……
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THE ARKANSAS RIVER is now opened TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT until October 1st.
Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau Metal Detectors at Auction contact us
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