Monday, June 02, 2008

High Water Alert for Gold Prospectors

HEADS UP people! Water levels are on the rise, FAST! Check out the "Gold in Colorado" page for today''s update on the rise in river water around Colorado. I have Friday's levels and Monday's levels together so you can get a read on just how fast the water is rising. Most of Colorado's rivers were placed on flood warning, and the Arkansas is on flood watch. There was a report that the Arkansas is going up 6 inches every day, so be careful out there. There were three drowning deaths this past weekend in the rivers all around the state. High water is here to stay with us for a while, so put your lifejackets on if you aren't diving, and if you are diving put on some extra weight, 'cause the rivers are swift with that much water running through them.

Good Prospecting to You,
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