Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got Gold?

Good Morning Gold Prospectors! Have you Got Gold? Sure hope so. With the weather finally warming up here in Colorado, more and more prospectors are out finding gold. Us too! Those first few days in the high country are taxing, though.

GPOC had wonderful crowd participation panning for gold at their panning troughs last weekend in Breckenridge during their Kingdom Days celebration. The outhouse races were a scream! We did get camp opened up and found we had had visitors. They must have had a BYOF party, as there were seeds and evidence of snacks everywhere. Of course there is no food in the trailer during the winer, so the little buggers brought in their own food and began storing it in the trailer. There was also evidence that they had begun to build nests, too! One of them, it seems, chewed a hole in the edge of the floor covering while standing on one of the tires. We plugged it up and made it impossible to get back to it. Some tin nailed all along the edge should keep them out next year. We cleaned for almost an hour before we could unpack after a long Sunday in Breckenridge that left us pretty well exhausted.

Next day we slept in a bit and put everything in order, did a little propsetcing and found some gold, then off to dinner with my sister and her husband. Tuesday was a trip to look at property, as our camp will be closing at the end of this year, and we will be locating in another spot next year. A little prospecting on the way home gave us a little more gold for our vials.

I want to mention the new form for a minute. I am still getting used to how it comes in, and one of the buttons wasn't coded correctly, so if I have missed your request, or you didn't get everything, please email me back and re-request it. Also, make sure you leave me a first name and email address to get the info to you.

Good Prospecting to You,

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