Friday, June 27, 2008

HookedonGold Gazette 6/27/08

Kingdom Days in Breckenridge

Mrs. John J. Brown, aka Molly, and yours truly

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $926.80
· Spot price last week: $901.30

Calendar of Events
4th - Fourth of July
9th GPOC Regular Meeting
26th – 27th Burro Days – Fairplay 1st leg of the burro trifecta
2nd – 3rd – Boom Days – Leadville 2nd leg of the burro trifecta
9th – 10th Gold Rush Days in Buena Vista 3rd leg of the burro trifecta
13th GPOC Regular Meeting
· 1st - LABOR DAY
· 10th – GPOC General Meeting
· 12th – 14th Denver Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show Panning Demo with GPOC
· 30th – Last Day for Motorized Equipment on the Arkansas River in Colorado

Gold is way up this week, and we will be on our way to our first two weeks away this summer. Hooked on Gold will not be publishing a newsletter until after the 15th due to very limited internet service where we will be. Form requests will be answered as we have time until the middle of the month, as we are in prime gold finding season and have many things planned with friends. We will also be spending some time looking at properties and land while we decide what we will be doing next year. The two weeks will fly by and we will be back at home before we know it. Blog posts and pictures will get posted when we have a connection, too.

Have you been finding gold? If so, let us know. We love sharing our experiences with others, and there have been a lot of questions to answer this season. Please continue to be careful around the water. Run off this year will be long, and there is still a lot of snow to melt in the high country. We have run up for a day, here and there, and are amazed at the amount of snow still on the mountains. A drier pattern looks to be with us until monsoon season comes in around the middle of July. The Fourth is ONE WEEK AWAY!

The site template continues to plague me. Now, the Firefox browser is showing the text lettering all wrong, but everything else shows it correctly. Even viewing pages being worked on with Firefox gives me error messages and then refuses to open the page again. If you are using Firefox as your browser you will see some text in the colors it is meant to be in and other text in yellow. Can’t seem to get it to show correctly, and two pages now will not open for editing. Can’t even get a Fourth of July message posted!

Did you try the new toolbar yet? I have had many downloads this past week. I can’t seem to stop playing with the slot machine, myself, and it sure has been a lot of fun. You can find a download button on almost every page under the goldpanner on the left.

River update. Another river drowning occurred this past week near Buena Vista to a kayaker. Please e careful around the high water. Stream Flows will be updated for this week, but will not be while we are away. Hopefully, by the time we get back the rivers will be subsiding a bit, but I expect them to be high well into August. The Ski areas reported the first of June that they will not be in their “mud” season until this next week, a good two months late. In the mean time, you can look up the flows for yourself at:

Google had begun running third party ads and is requiring adsense sites to include information about this change on their websites. You can read about this on our Privacy Policy page.

World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

Until next week……
If you find a broken link, please let us know
THE ARKANSAS RIVER is now opened TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT until October 1st.
Good Prospecting to You,
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