Friday, June 06, 2008

Hooked on Gold Gazette 6/6/08

Can you see the face?

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $902.20
· Spot price last week: $886.10

Calendar of Events


11th GPOC regular meeting
14th Flag day
14th-15th Breckenridge Kingdom Days GPOC Panning Demo
20th Summer Solstice (YAAH)
21st-22nd Gem Show-Colorado Springs Phil Long Ford Expo Panning Demo with GPOC


4th - Fourth of July
9th GPOC Regular Meeting
26th – 27th Burro Days – Fairplay 1st leg of the burro trifecta


2nd – 3rd – Boom Days – Leadville 2nd leg of the burro trifecta
9th – 10th Gold Rush Days in Buena Vista 3rd leg of the burro trifecta
13th GPOC Regular Meeting

Gold is back up this week. That’s about it. There isn’t much news about gold except the usual, and there are rumors that interest rates may get hiked up soon. SURPRISE! Inflation is raising its’ ugly head. Black gold is back in the $138 range after pulling back earlier this week. We read that the Saudi’s are building 4 or 5 mega cities to diversify itself away from oil.

For anyone who cares, it is my birthday today. “Happy bd to me, happy bd to me, happy bd, happy bd, happy bd to me. No, I’m not going to tell you how old I am. Let’s just say, I’m as old as the rocks, but not the dirt that comes from them. I figure, what the heck. Consider the alternative. As long as I can still hold a gold pan, who cares? Arther hasn’t caught up with me yet, and I can still walk in the mountains on a cool morning… least I could last week! LOL!

So, have you found gold this past week? If so, you are doing better than we are. The weather is still not cooperating well enough for us to be out much…..YET. It rained and snowed here the last couple of days and temps were chilly. People coming back from the mountains (including us) are shocked at the amount of snow still up high. Cache Creek should be producing some gold already, but the rivers are so high right now, that ANY recreation, even fishing, is hazardous. There is a threat that the Eagle River could be closed to everyone due to the number of people needing rescue. Even the raft companies are having trouble keeping people in the rafts this past week. If you are not finding much gold yet, you can make a detour up to A-Basin and catch some Colorado white gold and their last weekend being open for skiing. They have said they still have plenty of snow for skiing, but they do not have enough personnel who can stay to run the lifts and other equipment, so their season will close due to lack of employees, not snow.

Got news that some of our California panning competitors will be out in August this year to try their hand at the Colorado State Panning Championships this year. Craig, if you are reading this, get ready for some more competition. GPOC beware. Your titles could go to California this year. Or not. Come all, we relish a good three day competition every August in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Site updates….It came to my attention this past week, by a reader, that Firefox is not showing the pages correctly. I am happy to announce that it is fixed AND the forms page is now working again, as well. .

I got a very cute e-mail that pretty much sums up us Coloradoans. I’ll post it tomorrow. Then all of you MIGHT understand us better, but probably not.

A streamflow guide is posted for your convenience while runoff is under way on some Colorado Rivers. You can check those each week on the Gold in Colorado page. I added more rivers this week, so you might be able to find one nearer to you. I check out for my information.

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World Open Panning website has this year’s world wide panning competitions listed and they add more all the time. A great site to visit: .

Until next week……
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THE ARKANSAS RIVER is now opened TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT until October 1st.
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