Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After Gold in the Colorado Mountains

Tossing Rocks for an Hour or so at Cache Creek so we had enough dirt to move. (That's Larry and Sam) Everyone keeps throwing rocks out onto unrun dirt. The walls can be steep with a ton of rock above your head. We saw holes dug in farther than a shovel is long and about as round as a small man can hunch over to scrap the back. PEOPLE THIS IS DANGEROUS. YOU ARE RISKING HAVING THESE ROCKS FALL IN ON YOU AND KILLING OR MAIMING YOU FOR A FEW GRAMS OF GOLD! Gold price is around $24.00 a gram right now and not worth a trip to the hospital.

Our final week in the field is over, and we are headed home. By the time I post this, we will be unloaded and resting before gong to bed in our king size bed in Arvada.

Our last day at Cache Creek was warm, dry and beautiful with aspens looking a little crisp, hinting at the gold color to come and more of those azure blue nearly cloudless skies. The colder weather stayed far to the east along the Front Range, and gave is some wonderful days in the September sunshine. What a week. We found about 3.5 grams of Cache Creek gold in our firsts with a little left in the cons after five days of highbanking. The metal detectors brought us a few more pieces of specimen grade gold, although the pieces were smaller than previously found. Still, worth the days of walking and digging.

We are tired, but still not looking forward to going back to the daily grind. April seems a long way off, and yet it is a mere 7 months away. The Denver Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show starts tomorrow and the Arkansas River will close to motorized equipment at the end of September, only about 3 weeks from today. The holes at Cache Creek have advanced at an amazing rate, and anyone who was not there this year would be shocked at the amount of material moved this season. The BLM is planning on removing some of the trees on Sept. 25th, hopefully with help from GPOC. Thursday may be a difficult day for working stiffs to take a day off to move 50 or more trees, but they will try to have people there to help. We are out of days to take off, and so will not be joining in the work.

Thursday through Sunday will be work days for me at the Gem Show, and so this week’s newsletter will not be published. However, I will fill you in as I have time with blog postings and some pictures of Cache Creek and some of the holes dug there.

Gold spot price is DOWN today with the stronger dollar and lower price of oil. Its’ lowest point was at $748.70 and is now hovering around $750. Does this mean that gold prices will stay down or go lower? Well, in the short term they may fall some more, but in the long term, the dollar does not look like it will stay up, which will send gold prices back up. When? Who knows for sure. I DO know that bailing out Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae is a mistake that is going to cost you and me really BIG money, and that could help to make the dollar fall again. What do you suppose might happen if both of these giants go bankrupt even with the government bailout? Yeah, I know. Blame George Bush who has control of the Congress and the Federal Reserve. NOT!

Have a GREAT weekend. I’ll talk at you some more in a day or so….maybe four.

Good Prospecting to You,
MQS Shirley
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