Friday, September 05, 2008

Cache Creek Gold in September

A Cache Creek Picker! Should have took the picture from the other side, 'cause that side was all yellow. Looks like some iron rock still attached, but still a nice gold nugget!

I see that gold is up a bit right now to $801, but still down from its' highs in July.

If any of you have thought that the fall might be a little less busy at Cache Creek, you would only be slightly correct. The parking lot has been full with gold seekers every day this week, although we have heard that there were fewer people there Labor Day weekend. Since the weekends have been so busy, a lot of folks have decided to come in to find their gold during the week instead. Us, too. Hmmm. We might need to change that.

I thought you might like to see this beauty that was found on Wednesday…….in our hole, but not by us. We invited a couple of new people to dig in our hole who had been sluicing for a day or two and hadn’t found much, so we told them to take some material from where we had been digging. We hate it when people don’t find gold! Not to worry. While the biggest piece of gold wasn’t in our ‘banker, we did come away with some real nice yellow colored metal.

The weather, by the way, has been some of the nicest we have had all summer, and the aspens and willows are being their annual seasonal change from green to golden yellow. It’s a little cool in the mornings, but sunny most of the time and pleasant. The only time it isn’t so nice is when old sol goes under and cloud and you are wet. If the wind is blowing some at the time, it can be down right bone chilling! However, pulling up a nice string in your pan helps to warm your heart and everyone around comes to see what you have found. I have to say, that there is STILL some very nice gold coming out of the area.

A cold front slid into Colorado last night, and so we are taking a day for rest and book shopping. Lucky you. You get a blog put up to read. Aren’t you special!? YES, you are to me. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t bother to think about taking these pictures to post and to talk to you today. Have a great one….I know I will.

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley MQS

P.S. The e-mail IS working again. I have had many requests coming in and even some dreaded “Spam”, too. Thanks for your requests and thanks for your questions, too.

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