Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Cache Creek Pictures

Ah....a few more scenes from Cache Creek to help you get over your 401K anxiety

Our resident "beggar"

The BLM marked campfire wood to be used in the area. This stuff has aspen canker and beeltes in it, so DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE AREA. You will spread the diseases.

Some of the tree removal that was done in the area.

This sure has turned out to be a wild week in the markets. Gold is up over $900 today. We are looking at some cooler temps in the Denver area this weekend as a cold front moves in from out of Alaska. I heard that the high yesterday in Fairbanks we 29 degrees....average is 40. After one of their coldest summers on record, we could be in for a cold winter here as well. Much of our winter weather comes down the jetstream from Alaska.

Did you see the trees that were removed from Cache Creek by the BLM and GPOC members late in September? The BLM is planning on removing more next spring. You can use the wood stacked around for your campfire, but DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THIS AREA! It is diseased and you will carry that to wherever you take it and it will spread among healthy trees. Ft. Collins is having a time with the beetles that have come out of the mountains with wood that people have brought back with them. While we LOVE the golden Aspens, they simply do not look the same with the pine trees dead. I'll put up some of the pictures I took a couple of weeks ago with the Apsens and the dead lodgepoles in the Dillon area. Pretty sad.

The cold is beginning to bring the gold propsectors back out of the mountains. We spent a fridge day up high last weekend end. Needed a hot bath afterward to warm back up! Found a bit of gold, too, but not much to write home about. Still, and enjoyable day in the Rockies. As always....

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau (MQS)
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