Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NEW! RSS Feed Added to the Prospectors Blog

Mt Elbert has snow on it, again, and two ski resorts are opening today. Gold Prospecting season is definitely winding down here in Colorado.

It has been chilly here in Denver the past few days, and the house has been wanting some heat. However, I'm stubborn, and try not to turn the furnace on until around Halloween. I have been working on the metal detecting blog for you, and also got a reminder from Rock and Gem that my deadline for a January article is coming up SOON!

I've been reading that Blogger has an RSS feed that can be added to a blog, and I have finally had time to investigate it further. I should be in the "Links" at the bottom of each blog posting. This posting is to see if I can activate it and get it to work right. If so, I have an opportunity to post it to the RSS feed sites. That means that more gold prospectors will be able to find this blog and

We have had contact with the BLM about next year's plans for Cache Creek. The office is very busy right now, but they do have a vision in place and I will let you know what it is as soon as I know.

No one from GPOC has let me know who the new officers are for '09, yet, but then I've been too busy to even send an e-mail, either. Ever have a great idea, but have all the support stuff not cooperate? Well, that's where I am this week. I have a line on a full size metal detector for myself, and we may have the 2 1/2 inch proline dredge sold. (Anyone who knows me, knows that I use a Falcon to detect with, AND knows the technique I use, too. Do I find gold? You bet 'cha!) All for now. As always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau (MQS)

P.S. The new RSS feed link can be accessed at the bottom of the blog, or by clicking on the "Links To" at the bottom of each blog in the tags and then finding it at the bottom of the page it brings up. I'll work on getting the widget on the template later. Gott run! TTFN
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