Friday, November 07, 2008

HookedonGold Gazette 11/07/08

Christmas is around the corner, so don't forget the prospecting scenes we have available for your favorite prospector!

Prospector with Sluice box with blue agate pool

Prospector with Amethyst and wagon wheel with or without the "Colorado"

Miners with small geode, with or without the "Colorado"

Geode Pendants in silver or gold leaf

Panner on Pyrite or panner on amethyst. (The panners are about the same size.)

Miner on small rail spike, with or without "Colorado"

Mine Train on Large Rail Spike, with or without "Colorado" All available in the goldnstore!

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $733.90
· Spot price last Gazette: $723.70

Calendar of Events
· 2nd End of Daylight Savings Time
· 4th ELECTION DAY Get out and VOTE!
· 11th Veterans Day
· 12th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Ah, another week with emeralds in 18K gold….what could be better? Ok, ok. I know there is finding gold and all, but there’s about a foot or more of snow falling in the Colorado mountains, and this is the best game in town for me right now. Veterans Day is this Tuesday, so remember all our vets who have given so much for this country. Hooked on Gold Thanks you!!!

International California Mining Journal in their October issue has a story on miners being “dusted”. Check out the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame in google and then search Richard J. Ennis. You should find it interesting.

Also, they reported on the Colorado roadless areas rules the U.S. Forest Service has published. It is 23 pages and too long for here, but you can see it at A lot of double speak and charts, but a once over skim looks like they will eliminate roads to over 4 million acres of Colorado.

Goes hand in hand with what Colorado’s Democratic Governor, Legislature and Congressional representatives would like to do….put our public lands into wilderness without an act of Congress, so the public can’t access them. The mountain bikers and hikers don’t like it when they get excluded right along with everyone else. They usually think they will be able to access areas unfettered by the rest of us. The last one I heard about was this summer involving Browns Canyon, again. Let’s see….California group to conduct a15 year study… access by anyone….and you would have to apply for a permit to use the area and get approved. Even horses would be limited for travel. Seems like you might want to start applying for those permits now so you can go camping in 2020.

Got a thought on the price of gold and the dollar. Now, we know that a declining dollar is supposed to be good the gold, right? Well, how come do you suppose, the dollar is strengthening when the banks are such a mess? Consider this: If all those 401K’s get put into cash, that would be dollars, right? And if we are buying all of our own dollars, are we strengthening our own dollar right now? What happens when we stop liquidating assets in 401K’s, IRA’s and Hedge Funds? Falling dollar and rising gold? HMMMMM.. Not sure. Don’t know.

As I announced yesterday, I will be including some links to other blogs and information I get through goolge alerts. Anyone can sign up for this service from google, but be aware that if you want your alerts to be specific and not general, you need to put your search word in quotation marks so goolge only finds that word or words and doesn’t send you alerts on all the words singularly. Hope you found some good information on Thursday’s links.

Here is your DIY link for the week. Sluice Box That it for this week. As always

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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