Thursday, November 06, 2008

Google Alerts on Gold and Gold Prospecting

Reminder from this Summer. I can smell the breeze, can you?

Hey all you gold prospectors out there! Man, o, man has the Fall been busy this year!!!! I keep thinking I will have time to blog, and the next thing I know I’m climbing the stairs to go to bed! I have finally subscribed to Google Alerts, and they are sending me some very interesting information I will share with you as space and time permits. There are several interesting blogs you might like to follow, or read their post that I link to. It should give me some more to blog about, too.

Market Rubbemeker’s blog on gold is very interesting, and follows some of my own thinking on the subject. Give this page a read and see if you don’t gain some insite on this page entitled So That's Why Gold Prices Are Up Today .

For those of you who like the Minelab metal detectors, you will find this forum of interest. I am referencing a page on it that is describing coils at Re: 5x10" DD/HF Coil and the 6" DD/HF Coil - Visible Differences , and please note that the page is almost a year old. Doesn’t matter, though, ‘cause the info is still the same.

I’ll leave you with one more that has to do with the price of gold and where it might go in the near future. Check out what one gold bug is saying about it at Brien Lundin: Is Gold Holding a Wild Card? .

Baby boy is in the Philippines now for three days. Haven’t heard from him yet, but I think they started their classes today, and they are teaching at night. Might be a bit confusing right now, what with jetlag, nights that are days, and all they needed to do to prepare for their classes. Hopefully he will give us a jingle this weekend.

Elections are finally over!!!! Yah! Dems in control, though, are not good for public lands. They like to think that the public has no right to use ‘em. Also means that we will continue to lose places to prospect for gold and finding gold will become more difficult. ICMJ had some interesting things to say about them in their latest issue that I’ll cover tomorrow in the newsletter. That’s it for now, and REMEMBER that if the links do not work, copy and paste them into your browser to view. If all else fails, put it into a word doc and access it from there. If you continue to have trouble with the links, PLEASE let me know so I can modify them to be more browser friendly.

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau
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