Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HookedonGold Gazette 11/26/08


· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $806.10 (Wednesday)
· Spot price last Gazette: $801.60

Calendar of Events
· 2nd End of Daylight Savings Time
· 4th ELECTION DAY Get out and VOTE!
· 11th Veterans Day
· 12th GPOC Regular Meeting 7:00 p.m.
· 28th Black Friday or otherwise known as “Shop Til You Drop” day
· 1st Cyber Monday Don’t forget goldnstore for your prospector gifts
· 10th GPOC General Meeting and Christmas Party don’t forget those toys for Toys for Tots!
· 21st Winter Solstice – Yeah, we start getting longer days tomorrow!!!!!
· 22nd Hanukkah begins
· 24th Christmas Eve
· 25th Christmas Day
· 26th Kwanzaa and Boxing Day
· 31st New Years Eve

Are you ready for some turkey? I know that we are. Thanksgiving will be quiet here since the families have all gotten together early, but we still plan on having an abbreviated feast complete with yams and turkey and pumpkin pie. I can smell it now, can you?

I am thinking about golden memories today of family and prospecting outings with friends. Finding that first piece of gold and the thrill of the mountains in general spur us on in the winter when all is dreary and cold. We have much to be thankful for here in the good ol’ USA. We may be in the midst of economic troubles, but we will bounce back……we always do. AND usually we end up better than we were before, So before you thinking we’re done, remember there is so much going on that isn’t on the economist’s radar yet, that you can’t count us out before we even hit the mat. Innovation is what we are about, and in times like these, the American people tighten their belts, and reeducate themselves into better jobs in companies that will propel us into the next 20 years of prosperity. We have our problems, but I’m bullish on America and Americans. We alone have the ability to decide our own futures. Change isn’t something that comes in an instant, but over time, so get out there and start doing something to make that change in your own life and situation. Pay down your debt and stop borrowing, take that class that could get you that better job, start a business you’ve been wanting to run, start cooking at home instead of going out (WAY healthier, less expensive, too, and it isn’t hard to do), drive less and walk more, take a foreign language course,

I was searching for images of cows this past week (Yeah, you all know about and who they are to me) and saw something interesting when I searched free (put whatever you are looking for here) images. Google kept giving me a reference at the top of the page with about four thumbnail images that when you click on it, you came up with a search page that listed every picture it could find with that tag on it. Not only that, but when you clicked on the image you were taken to the page where it was found on the website it was found on. If you search gold or gold prospecting you could search an awful lot of websites you might have a hard time finding for the search term you used in a natural search. Try it this weekend and see if you find some websites you have never seen before with your search terms. I was amazed!

Additional searches I found for you this week include an article on gold in Scotland
An article on gold tipped Nanocrystals being developed for use in constructing computer chips
Your DIY links are below
Mega Black Sand Magnet

Mini Highbanker

Remember, you can get your prospecting needs HERE, Clearance HERE, and Monthly Specials HERE.

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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