Friday, November 14, 2008

Is It Friday? Must Be time to Find Out What Gold Closed At

Corrugated Minisluice 'poop tube"

Is it Friday already!? I cannot believe a whole week has gone by already, and I am not ready with the newsletter, so you will get a mini version blog post today, and I’ll get it ready tomorrow with all that is going on....that is if I can stay connected right now. Connections have failed here just now and all day yesterday, so who knows.

Gold touched below $700 this past week, but has rallied today to end the week at $742.30, while the markets still can’t make up their minds.

GPOC’s meeting included a run down on the Arkansas River project that artist Cristobal wants to put up on it in 2012. If you are not interested in seeing a red sky while you are rafting, you might want to let the Alamosa BLM office know about it. They are also wanting to erect pylons all along the river banks to support the red material they want to suspend over the river…… for miles. They also have no intention of removing said pylons when they are done, either. Now, I’m probably wrong, but I think they have to dig a whole lot of dirt to put these concrete pylons up, and then leave for all posterity to admire. I’m not sure how all this damage is different from prospecting, but the Arkansas Headwaters group seems to be in favor of this type of damage.

The November Gem Show last weekend had a lot of people wandering, but sales were very slow. I have new jewelry, however, that will be perfect for the Christmas season and beyond. 18K gold and emeralds, of course.

Here is your DIY links so you can search for that special piece of prospecting equipment:
Suction Device

Specific Gravity Scale

Sluice, Hibanker, ect

I haven’t checked these out, but if you find they are gone, drop me a comment and let me and others know.

OH! We now have a new RSS feed onsite for you to subscribe to. Better post now and see you tomorrow.

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau

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