Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gold Prospecting in the Rain

Another great shot of Mt. Princeton from Snowy Peaks RV Park.

Last week was dismally wet with rain nearly eveny day. This is one of the last shots I got of the mountains before everything went cloudy and grey. I have a couple of great shots out my back window of the park and how wet and gloomy the day was yesterday posted on hookedongoldprospecting. You can see them on the main page.

Snow lines were below the trees today as we sped our way through South Park on our way back to Arvada to open mail and finish getting everything ready for our summer escape. We will still have a few trips back and forth, but we should be able to stay most of the time in B.V.

We have injoyed our stay at Snowy Peaks, too, even though the weather has been less than great. Even in the rain, the staff goes busily about their chores and everything in the park is kept tidy. Six shower/restrooms and an onsite laundry makes keeping everything clean very convenient. Many activities are scheduled throughout the week in addition to everything that is going on in Buena Vista.

With all the snow and rain we have had these past couple of months, I want to remind everyone that we are in Spring runoff in Colorado, and all the streams and rivers are running high and swift. It only takes a couple on inches of swift water to knock you down and send you tumbling along the boulders. 6 inches can turn a car over.

Gold prospecting season is heating up. Have fun out there, but remember you are looking and finding gold in wild places, so be careful.

Good Prospecting to You,
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