Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Gold Prospecting Toy

Ready to find those yellow rocks!

Wow! getting everything written and posted while being involved with all we are doing in reallife is becoming more challenging. I will have several posts in the next couple of days concerning gold and Cache Creek, and other things going on.

Today, the UTV is finished and ready to roll. Cloudy weather may keep us close to 'home' and not out finding gold, but we should be able to take our new toy out for a spin on some back roads to see how it handles. That's it in the photo, and yeah it's for us old people. Originally developed for light duty use on a farm, it looks like it will be just what we need to get around on those roads we cannot get the truck up.

The gold prospecting season here on the Arkansas is starting to heat up, even though weather has been a hinderance. Most days have been warm until early afternoon when we get showers, sometimes lasting into the evening. Everything here seems to be about a month behind and we still have cottonwood cotton flying around. We have found gold with our pans while we are hosting at Cache Creek and taken the metal detectors out to find some more gold, too. Website should show you the changes in the claim status at Cache Creek in the next day or so. We have active claims now at the cemetery, so you need to stay out of there. All for now. Stay tuned!

Good Prospecting to You,
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