Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hooked on Gold Gazette 12/19/09

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1115.10
· Spot price last Gazette : $1150.10

Calendar of Events
· 9th GPOC Christmas Party
· 21st Winter Solstice
· 24th Christmas Eve
· 25th Christmas Day
· 31st New Year’s Eve
· 1st New Year’s Day
· 13th GPOC Members Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Golden sunshine greets me today and it is very welcome! As those who follow know, windows7 conversion has been keeping us busy, along with all the regular holiday things. With Christmas only a week away, we are scrambling to get everything ready. We are also still awaiting the birth of our first granddaughter. Mom is very far along with the beginnings of labor and she may have her bundle of joy before Christmas. With this birth looming, our Christmas get together is up in the air as to when it will happen. No matter when that is, it will be joyous!

Gold prospecting for us has been limited to the stores, but we do have a metal detecting opportunity in the next few days. We are also predicted to have a white Christmas this year, although not much of the white stuff is supposed to be on the ground. The ski areas have gotten hammered again and they are happy with their good fortune.

Predictions for where gold will be in the next few months have been mostly down. The most relevant predictions are putting at around $950, although I have seen predictions in the mid 800’s. This will be a buying opportunity for those who buy gold as it will begin another uptrend soon.

If you haven’t checked out the store, you might want to. I have at least one 14K gold nugget pendant whose price is just above spot. More gold nuggets and gold jewelry was posted, too.

Speaking of the store, I was able to find the error that gave the error messages and have corrected it, so the checkout cart is working again for all products. Now, the trick will be to transfer the program to the new computer without having to rebuild the whole thing again. Already tried the transfer suggestions that came with the software, but that didn’t work. In the mean time, the old computer will do the work just fine. I have some interesting options for the gazette’s format that I didn’t have with XP that I’ll try out in the next week or so. Watch for some changes as I play with the new formatting tools.

No time this week to look for much information for you. Also, be aware that there will be no regular gazette next week since it will be Christmas! :>D I’ll get a blog up so you get next week’s gold close and let you know how the metal detecting went. Have a great Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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