Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hooked on Gold Gazette

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1106.60
· Spot price last Gazette : $1115.10

Calendar of Events

· 9th GPOC Christmas Party
· 21st Winter Solstice
· 24th Christmas Eve (That’s Today!)
· 25th Christmas Day
· 31st New Year’s Eve

· 1st New Year’s Day
· 13th GPOC Members Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Happy Christmas Eve to you all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you tomorrow!

Since all markets will be closed tomorrow and we will all be enjoying a Christmas Dinner, you get a treat by getting the Gazette early this week instead of late. Lucky you! We are still awaiting the birth of our granddaughter and are now thinking she will wait until next year just to be a girl and make us wait. LOL!

The metal detecting trip was interesting. The day was warm enough for the guys, but they forgot about the frozen ground. Instead of digging, they ended up hacking at the ground to find the center of an ore cart wheel, bullets, etc, and a few pieces of pyritic gold ore, typical of the Idaho Springs area. Nothing new was found on the private property, though, and they spent some time hunting a couple of dumps in the area. Still, a better day than sitting around watching T.V.! The ladies stayed in town and finished up their Christmas shopping. While we Do enjoy prospecting for gold, we needed to have some extra time to find our golden gifts for Christmas.

Bright sunshine greets me again this morning after a couple of days of light snow that left us about 7 inches of powder glistening in the sunlight. Temps this morning were 12 degrees but with no wind that blew everything around. Not so for points east of us, but here in the city, the snow fell softly and consistently over the duration of the storm.

Sure hope you asked for gold and silver bullion in your stockings this year so you have that special hedge against inflation this next year. We stored a bunch away years ago and it has appreciated nicely since then. All in the safety deposit box, of course. The new green energy may turn into gold for us, too, this next year. I hate the idea of carbon credits, but won’t mind making money from them at all. Somebody has to do it, might as well be us.

You may have noticed that I have removed the twitter updates from both the blog and the website. I had a few complaints about the threads being too hard to follow, and think that many of you may not like them either. The reason was to update the pages regularly so that the site can be found more easily. Daily updates help in the search engines, but what you want is more important. If you have an opinion about the PLEASE let me know. I have kept the link on the ning site in a sidebar to help update that as it is new and needs constant refreshing in the searches.

Win7 has been pretty easy to switch to, but many older programs on the old laptop will now transfer and I will have to repurchase things like Word, or so it seems. That means that the website in Front Page and the store program will not load correctly here, so they will still have to be published from the old computer until I can figure out how to transfer it all to the new computer.

I read a few articles from time to time about gold prospecting, but there aren’t too many worth sharing right now. However, I did find a couple for you to read. Ok, the first one you have to watch. It’s a Youtube about a trommel in use Here’s a nice story about Christmas, Arizona

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Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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