Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hooked on Gold Gazette 2/20/10

Old Smelter Stack at Smelter Town near Salida

• Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1118.90
• Spot price last Gazette : $1094.20
Gold ‘N’ Store

Calendar of Events

• Tucson Show in Tucson, Arizona
• 2nd Groundhog Day
• 4th Heritage Lecture at the Western Mining Museum SOLD OUT
• 7th Super Bowl Sunday
• 12th Lincoln’s Birthday
• 10th GPOC General Meeting 7:00 p.m. Colo. Sprgs.
• Denver Museum with GPOC
• 14th Valentine’s Day
• 15th Presidents Day
• 22nd Washington’s Birthday
• 26th – 28th Gem and Mineral Guild Spring Show – Jefferson County Fairgrounds


I’ve been catching up a bit on my reading, which has been put on hold for far too long. We have about 3 or 4 days of cold and snowy weather coming at us right now, so I hope to find time to catch up even more. That means I’ll be telling you about some of the information I find as I read.

It was very gray this morning when I got up, and was thinking about how soon March 1st will be here, reopening the Arkansas River to motorized equipment for this gold prospecting season. The storms coming at us will most certainly put some snow on the ground in that area, but March usually brings some nicer weather on the southern sections of the Arkansas, and the water level will be very low. The lower water makes it possible for you to dredge for gold by reaching some of the middle parts of the river with your dredge you can’t get to during the summer. You will have no rafters to deal with in early spring, however, finding open water that isn’t claimed and being worked will be even harder this year.

Some of what I have been reading has to do with California’s suspension of suction dredging. If you do not visit International California Mining Journal’s website at least once a month for some of their free updates on gold mining, I suggest you do. While much is only open to subscribers, you will find good information that is there for everyone. You can find information on their website under the ‘Resources’ tab and then look for Suction Gold Dredging Info. Public Lands for the People (PLP) is the organization fighting this in California courts. There is a lot more, but I probably shouldn’t waste your time with it when you can go and read it for yourself at . Now, you might not think this has anything to do with you if you aren’t in California, but believe me it will spread if their legislature gets its’ way. We stand to lose another basic right granted to us by U.S. Federal laws.

Got a message from the ‘Tin Pan Prospector’, Chad Watkins this last week. He headed up to Alma just to look things over and get out of town. Also spent a day or two at his cabin in the woods. Nice looking place. One room, no heat except from the wood stove. No electricity, either. Nice and quiet with snow on the ground and the sun shining. Today is probably another story, but hopefully he got home before the skies dumped snow on us again last night. If not, he may have to stay a while. Bummer. Wish I was there. Cabin Fever is running rampant at my house. How about yours?

Our crippled up friend with the hip replacement it doing just fine, too. He is healing up pretty fast and is graduating from his walker to crutches this weekend. Gonna get out of the house and visit his doctor next week to show him how good he’s doing. Still on pain meds, but they said he would be for some time what with the bone trying to attach to the new apparatus. His physical therapist is pleased with his progress and he can also get in and out of his chair without help.

Oh, and BTW, the schist piece we went to see at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science last Saturday wasn’t out of Tarryall, but Telluride, and it still wasn’t being displayed at the museum right now. I also forgot to tell all of you that our oldest grandson was in a rollover accident very early on Saturday morning, too. I can count one of the scariest texts I ever got was “Car is totaled but he’s OK”. Everyone at the museum can attest to the quickness with which I left the gold room to get to a window so I could text back, “WHAT!” Turns out that was the second page of a two page text and the first one told me that the boy was OK and the particulars of the accident that was sent to me by his Dad. Thankfully we were not attending a funeral this week and I would now be in such a deep abyss that even thinking about writing this would be out of the question. Needless to say, it’s been a busy week.

I didn’t take time to find a video for you today and I didn’t find any other interesting links to share. Some weeks are like that. I may find a video for you in the next few days, though, so check back. That’s it for me today. Stay warm if its’ snowing where you are. If it isn’t, then don’t get sunburned! LOL! Oh, and before I forget, I noticed how sloppy my calendar got this month. Don’t know, but it looks like I forgot how to count and how to put in dates. What can I say….it’s February.

Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,

Shirley (MQS)

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