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Hooked on Gold Gazette 2/27/2010

Point Bar State Recreational Area

• Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1118.70
• Spot price last Gazette : $1118.90
Gold ‘N’ Store
Calendar of Events
• Tucson Show in Tucson, Arizona
• 2nd Groundhog Day
• 4th Heritage Lecture at the Western Mining Museum SOLD OUT
• 7th Super Bowl Sunday
• 12th Lincoln’s Birthday
• 10th GPOC General Meeting 7:00 p.m. Colo. Sprgs.
• Denver Museum with GPOC
• 14th Valentine’s Day
• 15th Presidents Day
• 22nd Washington’s Birthday
• 26th – 28th Gem and Mineral Guild Spring Show – Jefferson County Fairgrounds

• 1st Motorized equipment season begins on the Arkansas River
• 14th Daylight Savings time begins
• 17th St. Patrick’s Day remember to wear your green
• 20th Spring Equinox
• 28th Palm Sunday
• 30th Passover
It was tough to find any news on gold or gold prospecting this past week. The Olympics dominated everything, as it should, so everything that had a link to gold was about gold medals.

Gold made a bit of a comeback in the markets late this week so those of us who will be prospecting for gold soon are happy the price is only down 20 cents over last week. Of course, it does help to make the backbreaking work a little easier to take when you know your gold will bring a nicer price when you sell it……if you sell it.

Some more information has come our way concerning the Point Bar claims that were claimed last year by someone from Texas. As you will recall, he listed one on E-Bay right away and sold it. He then found at least two others to buy into a third of the claims that were left, and then sold the last third on E-Bay this last week. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d like to own a third of three mining claims with two other people I may or may not know. These types of partnership never turn out well, but hopefully those involved here will get along. We all know that won’t happen, though. Remember also that these claims are not patented and so the claim owners will only be allowed to camp there 2 weeks out of six. Oh, and it looks like our friend from Texas made about 8-10 thousand dollars on the claims that he will probably never visit again and has made a mess of Colorado claims that have been available to the public for a long time now. ‘Moneygrubber’ is all I can say.

OK enough of my soapbox as this whole deal makes me sick and I try not to be to critical of prospectors, but I’m pretty sure this person is no prospector and was only interested in the money that could be made by selling these claims, which they did in less than a year. However, I also have new news about the water. Read on.

It seems the person who originally did the platting of the new claims was not entirely accurate and there is substantially more water available to the open area. I am just now reading this new information and the map provided isn’t real clear, so I will need a little more time to decipher where the open area begins and ends. The claim owners may not be aware of this yet, and so their markers will most probably have to be moved.

Spring is almost upon us and the opening of the Arkansas River to motorized equipment is on MONDAY! While we continue to be plagued with colder than usual weather, warmer weather will prevail at some point. That means we will all be able to do more prospecting for gold soon. Even metal detecting for coins has been impossible with the ground staying stubbornly frozen. Summer plans continue to be made, though, and our new areas for exploration are numerous. Setting up camp for this summer will also be interesting. I’m not sure I will have any kind of internet connection, so we may be hit and miss with blogging as connections permit. We are truly looking forward to working with Chad Watkins this summer and helping him get TinPan Prospecting up and running strong. Visit us this summer for some interesting gold prospecting when you get tired of fighting the public areas.

Trying to find other news from around the web was pretty difficult this past week. I visited a lot of blogs that had two short paragraphs with little content or they didn’t really have anything to do with the subject of gold, but Florida golden sunsets, etc. I did find a couple of interesting videos to share. The first one is an interesting one about one way to find underground streams and using culverts as a sluice box at , and another from Australia testing out a new small highbanker. Looks like it works pretty good, too.

Off to Jefferson County Fairgrounds and some rock hunting under roof. Have a great week out there, and if you are on the Arkansas let us know how you are doing. Oh, and before I forget, Blogger’s new platform has changed again and is even more difficult to work around and so I will be moving this blog to a wordpress blog and using another of my hookedongold domains to run it with. I’ve been waffling about this for almost 2 years now and this final change has pushed me there. I’ll have a new template and format so the look will be a bit different, but more in my control, and we know everything is all about control, right? LOL! The old one is looking a bit messy and I can use some better aps in the wordpress version. It probably will take me a few weeks to get everything set up, so you won’t be surprised next week, but it will happen as soon as I can get everything uploaded to the server and arranged in the new template. I’ve used wordpress for a couple of other blogs I’ve run and like it much better. Hopefully you will, too. That’s it for me. How about you? :>D

Until next week…….
Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)

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