Friday, February 05, 2010

Hooked on Gold Gazette 2/5/10

Beautiful Diamond Heart Pendant in 14K Gold in White Quartz

· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $1066.90
· Spot price last Gazette : $1083.70
Gold ‘N’ Store
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Calendar of Events
· Tucson Show in Tucson, Arizona
· 2nd Groundhog Day
· 4th Heritage Lecture at the Western Mining Museum SOLD OUT
· 7th Super Bowl Sunday
· 12th Lincoln’s Birthday
· 10th GPOC General Meeting 7:00 p.m. Colo. Sprgs.
· 14th Valentine’s Day
· 15th Presidents Day
· 22nd Washington’s Birthday
· 26th – 28th Gem and Mineral Guild Spring Show – Jefferson County Fairgrounds

So, how’s your game face for this weekend. Got your favorite team to root for? Of course you do! Super Bowl hype for their famous commercials is all over the news and the web. Everyone promises to give you a special look/see at the best of ‘em, but I haven’t seen anything that has actually shown me anything. Of course, if I had the time I could do a search and probably find them, but I have been working on the website and started to upload some changes. I DID come across this item for those Super Bowl parties I thought you might like to chuckle at.

You will notice the next time you visit on the home page that the layout is a bit different. My old website template may not be up to the changes I want to make, so I may try to rebuild it this Spring. Hopefully, it will come out similar but with some updated features in the menu. I have had a few comments about the twitter updater, but it updates the blog and home page, so I am compromising and putting it at the bottom of both. Hopefully this will satisfy all of us. If you like to follow along you still can, those who don’t like it don’t have to see it above the fold, and I get to update the pages more regularly.

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Check out goldnstore for that special gold jewelry or prospecting themed gift for your sweetie before it is too late to ship. Anything in stock I can get to you in three days, but the 8th will be the last ship date I can do that and get it there in time for you to wrap.

I have heard that the BLM is absolutely slammed with inquiries about Cache Creek and this summer. I have not heard what their final changes are, so I cannot update you much, but what had been discussed at the end of last year included daily fees for everyone and restrictions on the number of days you can use the area regardless of what equipment you are using. Also, they were looking into hiring a summer employee to cover both the Arkansas and Cache Creek area with someone who would be taking the fee packets in and monitoring the area with ticket writing and enforcement abilities. With the number of people using the area they need better control of the area. GPOC is looking into whether they will be assisting again this year or not. This is before their board now and will be decided in the next month.

Tin Pan Prospecting in Fairplay is getting together an interesting array of properties to prospect on, so check them out this summer, too. Chad’s areas are pay for use, and are on private or patented land. He has a large portion of Mt. Bross and the Dolly Varden properties already under agreement along with some other promising areas that have not committed as of yet. His website is also undergoing a facelift and changes. Looks like a good season of gold prospecting is in store on the East side of Mosquito Pass, too.

If anyone cares, the weather at the Tucson show started out wet and cold, but I got a report today that said it was about 65 degrees. With all of the rain the cacti should bloom well in about a month or so. That’s about when the snakes come out, too. LOL!

GPOC members might like to know that our good friend Glen Orhns is going into surgery on the 10th to finally have his hip replaced. He should have plenty of time to heal up in time to tramp around the mountains this summer prospecting for gold and get in a few hunts next Fall. Too bad he will miss the pig hunt in March, but, hey, nobody said it would be all gravy. Besides, when he went in for the evaluation they said he was a 10. Probably the only time in his whole life he was ever a 10. LOL!

I keep finding a few blogs on gold prospecting, or blogs that put up a page or two on the subject, and I always notice how nicely the articles read and look. I always think I should do the same, but I always seem to come back here just to chat with you about gold, gold prospecting and finding gold while sharing with you some of the interesting things I find on the web and the outings we go on. I should do it more often, but I actually do have a life outside of the web, and today, I don’t have the vacuuming done. Is that ‘real’ enough for ya? I guess I’ll let the website give you the information you want and use the email address to answer questions with. If I do that, I can ramble here all I want to, and you can read it or not as you like. Hopefully, I get some good information and updates out to you, or least a little bit of fun now and again.
Until next week…….

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley (MQS)
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