Sunday, June 13, 2010

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High Water in the Arkansas River Makes for Dangerous Rafting. Be Careful!

A Spring Time Snow in Colorado

So, how would you like to do some panning for gold in this stuff?  LOL!  This weekend has been a bit cold and wet, so we have been visiting with friends and planning this next week.

Gold closed last Friday at $1228.70 as we were getting the beginning of this storm, but it is clearing out now and we will have a cold night.  Next week is looking better weather wise, so we are looking forward to some more summer fun prosecting for gold. 

GPOC had a members outing in the snow this weekend, and I hear that all had fun slipping in the mud, finding gold and getting numb hands and fingers from the fridge water.  All the peaks were white this morning.

The parking lot at Cache Creek was scheduled to be expanded this past week, but we have not been up there since it was done.  I also hear that there is some very nice gold coming out of the area.

We did attend the 40th birthday anniversary at the Prospectors Village in Nathrop last weekend.  There were lots of folks there and lots of equipment was going out the door.  Cindy had a drawing for some nice prizes, too. 

Run off is so high that water coming out of several high country reservoirs has been shut down to help ease the rivers.  Where there is less control, waters are very high and swift.  Be careful when you are near the rivers and streams.

Later this week, I'll be telling you our tale about the Fairplay Beach, so stay tuned.  In the mean time have fun prospecting for gold in Colorado.....

Good Prospecting to You,
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