Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prospecting for Gold at Cache Creek and Moving our Camp

Prospecting for Gold with Friends at Cache Creek, Colorado

Gold was at $1256.30 when I started this blog today, but it has probably changed since the overseas market is open. 

We had an interesting week and did spend some time at Cache Creek with the new sluice box.  I really like it, and will give you a review on it at mid week. 

We are moving the trailer to its' new home on Tuesday, and will be raising the existing deck 6 inches today and tomorrow so that both trailers can use it.  The lot we bought had a trailer already on it, so we have plenty of storage space for all our 'junk'.

Cache Creek continues to have problems with people stealing gold prospecting equipment, so if  you are there, make sure you take your equipment out each night.  So far a highbanker and a sluice box have disappeared.  The sluice box was taken out of the back of pickup, so secure your equipment even in your vehicle.

Water diversions are still a problem at Cache Ck, too.  Make sure you are not diverting water away from the creek and others ability to use it.  Remember, you are not the only one there and the water must be made available to everyone equally. 

We observed, and educated a team of highbankers on the proper way to fill a pump with gas.  These people were filling their pump without turning it off or removing it from the waterway.  We saw them dump gas into the creek, too.  If you fill your pump while it is running, you run the risk of getting some of the fuel into the wrong area that may be hot enough to explode.  I sure don't want to be around if someone does that!  Make sure you are at least 5 feet away from a waterway before you put gas into your pump's fuel tank, and nver spill it into the water.

Tin Pan Propsector up north of Alam is staying pretty busy.  More people are stopping and we have had several who were here on vacation and had wanted to get to try panning for gold while they were in Colorado.  We were all glad to oblige them.  If you are  up that way, stop in and see what Chad has lined up for the season.  Snow is still too deep for a few areas, but we are finding some gold and getting better acquainted with the area in general.

Gotta run and get some more work done before moving day.  Take care out there while you are prospecting for gold in Colorado or anywhere else.  Water is still high here and we lost our 6th rafter this last week. 

Good Prospecting to You,

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