Sunday, June 06, 2010

Fast Movng Water in Colorado Gold Prospecting Country

Well, run off here in Colorado has begun with a vengence.  The first rafting death has been announced near Vail, as well as a tuber on Cache la Poudre and a man using a cable trolley to cross the Colorado River all due to high water. 

Anyone near the rivers and streams needs to use extreme caution for the next month or so as stream flows are very high.  The Arkansas River is running almost to the bottom of the bridge at the bottom of the numbers and the lower gravel bar at Granite is almost covered.  The South Platte in Fairpay is running bank to bank, and the Big Thompson is running out of its' banks below Estes Park.  For your added information, I am posting a few examples from yesterday evening's levels.
Arkansas River running at the numbers 3650 cfs and 4050 at Royal Gourge
Clear Ck 890 to 935 cfs
Colorado River 15200 cfs at Glenwood Springs
Gunnison River 4700 cfs at Escalante

Panning for gold, sluicing and dredging will be dangerous, so be careful when you are near the water.  The high water also hides rocks and boulders that you can hit your head on, and people have been known to drown in a swift current in less that 18 inches of water.  Snow pack is still high, and we are expecting a long runoff season again this year. 

Finding gold is fun, but even more caution needs to be exercised at this time. 

We visited Cache Creek yesterday to see the beaver pond refilled.  Everyone has been happy with the new regs and that things are under better control.  Larry and I are happy that we were able to give the BLM suggestions that are working as the area is very popular and people love being there.  The parking lot will be enlarged this week to allow for more vehicles in the area, too. 

Have a great gold prospecting week.  I'll talk at cha again when I have a few minutes.

Good Prospecting to You,
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