Saturday, June 05, 2010

Colorado Gold Country and Spring

Aspens Leafing Out Above 10,500 Feet
Howdy to all you gold prospectors out there!  Gold closed on Friday at $1220.90 and the stock market was down over 300 points.  These two haven't gone in opposite directions for some time now. 

I had a bout with a 24 hour stomach junk this past week, but am feeling my old(?) self again.  Our phone connections this year are not working out well, so if you have been trying to get a hold of us, we are strictly on cell phones right now.  Email works, too.

The Aspens are finally leafing out on the mountainsides above Alma, and it looks like Spring is finally arriving in the Colorado high mountain gold country around Fairplay and Alma.  Montgomery Reservoir was emptied earlier in May and will be easily refilled with the snow still left on the slopes above it.  It will quite possibly be the end of June before the roads on Mts. Bross and Lincoln will be passable by 4WD vehicle.

Gold prospecting at Cache Creek is open and we hear many people are in there finding gold.  GPOC has a seasons worth of voluteers ready to be onsite this year to help you with the new regulations and fee structure.  The porta potties are in place and the BLM summer time employee is making the rounds on the Arkansas River and Cache Creek.  Looks like a good prospecting season there with things under better control, as well as all the other Colorado gold prospecting areas. 

GPOC members should be aware that he gate on the road to Beaver Creek will not be opened until the middle of June.

We are still looking for more permanent arrangements in South Park, but until we do we are in Buena Vista at Snbowy Peaks RV Park.  A great place to stay, btw, if you are in the Buena Vista area. 

If you are looking to find gold in Colorado and are curious about the Fairplay Beach this year, they are chargin $5.00 per person for the May - October 2010 gold panning and sluicing season, and you can obtain that permit at the City building in Fairplay.  The 'Beach" will be undergoing some improvements this year with the addition of a concert platform for groups the city is bringing in for entertainment, as well as adding music festival later this summer.  Also, the County is adding a pedestrian bridge across the S. Platte to help people walking from the residential areas on the south side get to the grocery store more safely than walking on the highway.  It is supposed to be completed sometime in August.

While you are there, drive up past Alma about a mile and half, just past mile marker 72, on your right, and check out Tin Pan Prospector for some fun.  Prices for panning, highbanking, dredging and metal detecting are reasonable.  Chad has his dredge in the water now and is driving to bedrock.  Stop by and say 'Howdy'!

That's all I have in my notes.  I'll be back to you from time to time.  Have a great week and a great gold prospecting season!  Until next time....

Good Prospecting to You,

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