Friday, August 08, 2008

'08 Colorado State Gold Panning Champions

Breckenridge, Colorado and the Colorado State Gold Panning Championships

Here is the list of the winners for you. We had a fabulous three days in beautiful Breckenridge, with sunny days and very few showers. Competitors came from around the country, and we saw several new pans in the California style competition. They were good enough to win, too! Thanks to all of the competitors and the volunteers who put in numerous hours on their feet on cement to pull this competition off. And NOW...Here They Are!

Jr's Anna , Julia, and Tess

Jr's + Kate, Joshua, and Jeremy

Oldtimers Larry Weilnau Sue Drewes Linda Jent

Team Isaac Beattie Larry Weilnau Mike Sutton

Linda Cole Glenn Ohrns Linda Jent

Sue Drewes Craig Koretoff Patty Gallaghan

Nationals Barbara Sutton Larry Weilnau Mike Sutton

Ladies Stacey Smith Sue Drewes Patricia Vesterby

Mens Eric Beattie Isaac Beattie Larry Weilnau

State Larry Weilnau Eric Beattie Stacey Smith

World's Dry Eric Beattie Gary Beaderstadt Stacey Smith

I'll get a better list up when I get back home some time next week. Congratulations to this year's winners. Join us next year for some more fun in the high country

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