Friday, August 22, 2008

Hooked on Gold Gazette 08/22/08

Here is an early morning arrival at the Cache Creek parking lot. She had a companion that stepped out of the woods on the left just after we put the camera away. Could have been this year's fawn.
· Gold Spot Closing Price for Friday: $822.40
· Spot price last week: $786 and change

Calendar of Events
· 1st - LABOR DAY
· 10th – GPOC General Meeting
· 12th – 14th Denver Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show Panning Demo with GPOC
· 30th – Last Day for Motorized Equipment on the Arkansas River in Colorado

Gold! How the mighty have fallen! In case you missed last week’s close on Friday, it was down in the $786 range. The dollar rallied late last week by nearly 5 cents to send the yellow metal tumbling past its’ price supports. This week it is back up above $800, but still well below the $850 mark. If it does not make its’ move soon, there is little chance it will see $1200 by year’s end. However, as you saw last week, that can change on a dime so don’t count it out quite yet.

Finding gold this year has been really tough. The weather trends have been against us most of the summer, and it seems that just about the time we come home, the sun comes out, the skies clear, and we hit a stretch of hot weather. Such is the way of luck. We had plenty of time out, but spent much of it in or volunteering our time. The 10 inches of snow that fell last weekend portends possibly of an early winter, and what with all of the rain in the high country we went through this year, we certainly are not looking forward to Indian Summer being cut short. We do hope that the cold snap has cleared out all of the mosquitos and biting flies that have plagued us all summer. Still, we did find gold, and will have more opportunities to find more. Wish us luck!

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Many new things are going on up at Cache Creek. We had two sessions with the BLM and much was accomplished. The biggest concern was the trees in the area. The BLM had their forrester out to assess the area, and he found that many of the trees are not in very good shape. Many of the Aspens have aspen canker and the lodgepoles and spruces are being hit with pine beetle. They may look for a volunteer group to clear dead trees and leave for firewood to be used in the area, but that has not been decided. The Kiosk was put up and the Arkansas Headwaters Group put up a sign at the parking lot concerning camping and day use, and BLM ranger has been in ticketing anyone camping in the day use parking lots.

The parking lot was expanded to the west across the road. An area was leveled off more to accommodate about 6 vehicles, if they are parked in along the sides and back. It was decided that this solution would be better than expanding the existing parking lot to the east since people have been using the west area anyway.

Another item that all agreed would be a good thing was to have a kind of camp host, like you have in the Forest Service campgrounds, to assist with information and help new people with how and what to do. You will still need to pack your trash out as these people will not be camping onsite, but probably in and out each day. We will be looking for volunteers to help with this program this winter, and we have several who have already expressed interest.

The issue of porta potties is still being considered. Since many groups, such as hikers and hunters, also use the area, the BLM did not think their department alone should foot the bill for these. There seems to be many areas that are as difficult as Cache Creek to get in and out of that have had porta potties put in and maintained.

Wow! That didn’t take long to spit out. Watch the blog for more pictures and descriptions on what we did the first of August. I’ll be getting the Colorado State Gold Panning championships list on the GPOC page this next week as well as some other updates that need posting. Store should get some new items back up, oh, and if you haven’t checked out the auction pages yet, you SHOULD! I took a look at them myself today and found several items I would have liked to bid on. However, I’m not allowed to click through anything on my pages from my computer. BUMMER! I had to pull up e-Bay and go looking for what was already listed on my pages! You will find links to the other auction pages at the top of the GOLD AUCTIONS page. It will take you to four other specialty pages on prospecting equipment, and metal detectors. Can't find what you are looking for? You can type it into the search box at the top of the auction listings and find it. That’s all for this week. Get out there and find some gold before old man winter sets in!

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Until next week……
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THE ARKANSAS RIVER is now opened TO MOTORIZED EQUIPMENT until October 1st.
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