Wednesday, August 20, 2008

High Country Golden Photo Ops...Gold, too!

Finding gold in the high country always gives photo ops like this!!! You can just smell the fresh, rarified air.

I suppose you have been wondering why I haven't given you any blogs lately on gold or our latest trip to find gold. Well, we came back in rain and heavy rain for several days has a way of messing with our phone system and that also means the DSL. Qwest says they will get around to us tomorrow, and we have a small window in the evening to get evertyhing done before it goes down, again. Lucky you, I have everything else caught up. As as soon as I have internet service for more than an hour a day, I'll begin feeding you blogs I have been cacheing for the past week so you'll get all the low down on where we were and what we did. The trip to look for Aquas was amazing! Oh, and, yes, we did find gold!

Have to run, but I'll be back tomorrow to give you some juicy pictures and information of some of the gold areas we visited. Cache Creek has been HOT all summer with activity, but we also had some interesting visitors on the mornings there was no one around. Plans for the area continue with the BLM, too. Watch for improvements and changes to the area by next summer. TTFN (Oh, yeah. We old folks have been texting for decades y'All. Do you know what sbsd is?)

Shirley (MQS)

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