Friday, August 08, 2008

Cache Creek updates

Well, we had fun with our grandsons last week, but there has been some new news on the altercation that happened at Cache Creek a couple of weeks ago and brought the BLM down for a check. Apparently, someone took equipment out of a hole someone else had dug, and proceeded to excavate it. The person who had their equipment placed in the hole challenged the newcomers and proceeded to throw them out of the hole. The second person said there was no gun involved, but that he had forcibly made them move. There is a “code” that prospectors usually respect with regard to holes being dug. Generally it is accepted that if you have equipment placed in a hole you have been digging, you have first right to the hole until you have vacated it. While most people have no problem with this show of cooperation, no one can actually claim a right to any hole on public lands. If someone wants to dig your hole, and removes your equipment to do so, they have as much right to the hole as any other person. I’m not saying that is the right thing to do, or that you should do that, just that you don’t have any more right to the hole than anyone else. WHY you would want to make someone mad over a hole they had been digging, I cannot imagine. There are simply too many other places to dig for $20.00 worth of gold a day. Oh, and PLEASE do not pee in someone’s cooler for any reason. If we have the sheriff in there too many times, their office will complain and we will all be blessed with regular visits from the ranger, and you will not like his attitude. He will ticket first, and then someone else can sort it out. Either way, there will be a fine involved.
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